IntelliCAD 8 Readme


IntelliCAD® 8.0 by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Copyright (c) 1999-2014 IntelliCAD Technology Consortium. All rights reserved.

Thank you for using IntelliCAD. This README file includes details about IntelliCAD 8.0, which contains read/write support for 2014 .dwg files, many new features and fixes, and compatibility with the ODA Teigha 3.9.1 libraries.

IntelliCAD 8.0 was released on 6/12/2014.


New Features in 8.0

Working with Files

  • Open, save, and work with .dwg files of version 2014.

  •  Work with image files in both IntelliCAD Professional and Standard versions. Additionally, more raster image formats are supported in IntelliCAD Standard.
  • Create custom rendering materials and mapping projection planes in both IntelliCAD Professional and Standard versions.
  • Import Collada (.dae files).
  • Improved support for DGN overlays, Civil3D, ADT, and mechanical object enablers.
  • Attach MrSID MG4 compressed raster images.

Performance Enhancements

  • IntelliCAD is available in 64-bit in addition to 32-bit.
  • Increased cursor speed.
  • Improved PDF export performance and reduced resulting file size.
  • Improved performance for multiple sessions on multi-core machines.
  • Improved Print Preview zoom performance.

Viewing Drawings

  • The grid can be drawn as lines or dots, can display beyond the drawing extents, and can be adaptive, which includes automatic resizing and subdivision based on the zoom level.
  • The Dynamic Viewpoint command was enhanced to include multiple ways of selecting a point from which to view three-dimensional entities.
  • The 3D Orbit command allows you to orbit a drawing, that is, rotate the view. Commands includes Constrained Orbit, Free Orbit, Continuous Orbit, Constrained X Orbit, Constrained Y Orbit, and Constrained Z Orbit.


  • Manage layers with layer states.
  • Search for layers by name.
  • Filter layers.
  • Layer properties include Transparency and Viewport Freeze.
  • New Layer Tools menu and toolbar.


  • Rendering interface redesigned and enhanced.
  • Complete rendering features are now available in IntelliCAD Professional and Standard versions.


  • IntelliCAD 8.0 uses Teigha version 3.9.1 from the Open Design Alliance.
  • IntelliCAD 8.0 uses VBA 7.1.
  • Script command execution uses the DDE API.
  • New LISP method (protect) to create protected LISP files.
  • New LISP method (acad_truecolordlg) supports true color selection. The old method (acad_colordlg) will continue to call up only the index color dialog.
  • New SDS method sds_truecolordialog() supports true color selection. The old method sds_colordialog() will continue to call up only the index color dialog.
  • New LISP method to convert RGB color string to an index integer (rgbtoindex). This method has an SDS equivalent: sds_rgbtoindex().
  • New LISP method to convert RGB color string to an index integer  (sds_indextorbg). This method has an SDS equivalent: sds_indextorgb().
  • sds_clearcallback().
  • sds_rgbstrtocolorref changed from a string to a long.

More New Features

  • CUI menu files supported.
  • Many user interface enhancement features, including more efficient menu and toolbar organization, slimming of toolbars to create more drawing space, and more.
  • Many improvements to paperspace, such as UCS icon changes, ease in which modelspace viewports are created, and more.
  • All color assignments for screen items, such as background color, icon color, etc., can now be made by choosing Tools > Options > Display tab, then clicking Color Scheme.
  • New Quick Select command.
  • Tip of the Day now displays as an event in the corner of the main window when IntelliCAD starts.
  • Improved grip editing for dynamic blocks.
  • Image Attach command supports embedded world file data in MrSID image files.
  • New PRINTOPTIONS command for easy accessibility to Print Options.
  • New XOPEN command to allow quick editing of attached xref files.
  • New Draw Order options to quickly push back or  bring forward annotation and hatches.
  • Enhanced CUSTOMIZE command eases menu and toolbar customization.

System Variables



Important fixes in 8.0

The following list details some of the 1100+ fixes that were implemented since the 7.2d release in November 2013.

Open and save files

  • Audit command fixed for redundant text entities.


  • Several fixes to prevent leftover screen pixels or empty screen portions during zooming and dragging.
  • Display of hatches improved.
  • Several fixes to cursor display in different scenarios.
  • Several fixes for Zoom Extents.
  • Several fixes for display issues when zooming in.
  • Improvements to 3D solids display.
  • Full Render fixed when using with a UCS different from WCS.

Selection and entity editing

  • Fixed snapping to 3D solids in blocks.
  • Fixed node snapping in xref drawings when PDMODE is non-zero.
  • Fixed grip editing for splines created from polylines.
  • Polar tracking guides fixed for new drawings.


  • Improved speed and accuracy for hatching while using Select Area.
  • Fixed calculation of hatch lines enclosed by a circular arc.
  • Fixes for calculating hatch areas and boundary hatches in different cases.
  • Fixed hatching of visually closed polylines.
  • Fixed boundary detection for boundaries off screen.

Text and multiline text

  • Fixes for multiline text positioning.
  • Several fixes for the Find command.


  • Improvements to TrueType Font selection for printing.
  • Fixed issue when printed dashed area did not match print preview.


    • Fixed ability to set height for AddAttributeDef and AddText methods.
    • ColorIndex property fixed.
  • LISP:
    • Fixed BKGCOLOR type for (fill_image) function.
    • Fixed (entupd) and sds_entupd to update modified blocks.
    • Fixed (getorient) function.
  • SDS:
    • (ssget) handles complex filters by application name.

More fixes

  • Fixed ability to toggle wipeout frames for wipeouts that are part of blocks.
  • LIST command fixed for vertices of 2D and 3D polylines.
  • Flatten command fixed for 3D polylines (converting to 2D polylines) and for misplacing entities on the current layer.
  • Shape names from SHX files are no longer case-sensitive.
  • RGB colors fixed during PDF Export.
  • Offsetting fixed for spline entities.
  • Fillet command fixed for polylines with arc segments.
  • Fixed MATCHPROP for dimensions and viewports.
  • Draw order fixed for copied entities.
  • Fixed lineweight "adjust display scale".
  • Fixed MIRROR3D when using in NWUCS.
  • Scale accuracy fixed when inserting an image and using a positioning file.



Release history


The following table describes the release history of IntelliCAD. Click a release to view more details about it.

Release Date Description
IntelliCAD 8.0 6/12/2014 Many new features and fixes, 2013 .dwg file support, and compatibility with the ODA Teigha 3.9.1 libraries.
IntelliCAD 7.2 6/22/2012 Many new features, fixes for over 600 bugs, and compatibility with the ODA Teigha 3.5.1 libraries.
IntelliCAD 7.1 11/11/2011 Fixes for over 750 bugs, a few new features, and compatibility with the ODA Teigha 3.4.1 libraries.
IntelliCAD 7.0 6/10/2011 All new IntelliCAD.
IntelliCAD 6.6 9/1/2009 Ongoing improvements.
IntelliCAD 6.5 7/7/2008 New features and improvements, including polar tracking, spell checking, DIESEL support, and more.
IntelliCAD 6.4 7/25/2007 New support up to the latest DWG 2007 format, including 2008 object support.
IntelliCAD 6.3 2/16/2007 New DWG format support up to DWG 2007.
IntelliCAD 6.2 4/27/2006 New features, such as True Color support, and other improvements.
IntelliCAD 6.1 9/5/2005 New features and improvements, such as enhanced rendering capability.
IntelliCAD 6.0 5/3/2005 New features, such as print style tables, and other improvements.
IntelliCAD 5.1 1/12/2005 Maintenance release.
IntelliCAD 5 10/24/2004 New DWG format support up to DWG 2004.
IntelliCAD 4 3/14/2003 New features, such as multiple layout support, and other improvements.
IntelliCAD 2001 v3.3 7/19/2002 Maintenance release that runs on the Windows XP operating system.
IntelliCAD 2001 5/22/2001 New features, such as linetype support, and other improvements.
IntelliCAD 2000 3/6/2000 New features and performance improvements.
IntelliCAD 99 Beta 9/1999 Release by Visio Corporation for the creation of the ITC.
IntelliCAD 98 4/1/1998
First release by Visio Corporation.


IntelliCAD® 7.2 by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Copyright (c) 1999-2013 IntelliCAD Technology Consortium. All rights reserved.

Thank you for using IntelliCAD. This README file includes details about IntelliCAD 7.2, which contains many new features and fixes since the 7.1 release, along with compatibility with the ODA Teigha 3.5.1 libraries.

IntelliCAD 7.2 was released on 6/22/2012.

IntelliCAD 7.2a contains fixed issues and was released on 12/28/12.

IntelliCAD 7.2b contains fixed issues and was released on 4/30/13.

IntelliCAD 7.2c contains fixed issues and was released on 7/5/13.

IntelliCAD 7.2d contains fixed issues and was released on 11/8/13.


Important fixes in 7.2d

The following list details some of the new 300+ fixes that were implemented since the 7.2c release.

Working with drawing files

  • Improved file conversion process for 2013 .dwg file versions.
  • Fixed issue with SAVEAS command on Windows 7 x64 operating systems.
  • Several improvements to PDF export.
  • File security improved.

Performance improvements

  • Selection performance improved in large drawings, including those with many groups or hyperlinks.
  • Dragging performance improved, including extents drawn when using COPY and COPYCLIP.
  • Improved speed performance when printing 3D visual styles in viewports.


  • Issue fixed when printing gradients.
  • Fixed issues when printing and previewing drawings with rotated views.
  • Improvements to printing in color.
  • Fixed reported issues when printing MTEXT.

Selecting and viewing

  • Fixed display issues in read-only drawings.
  • Fixed reported display issues when zooming.
  • Fixed display issues that previously required REGEN.
  • Fixed REGEN issues.

Snapping and tracking

  • Entity snapping fixed when osmode = 0.
  • Fixes for snap accuracy.
  • Fixes for reported issues with Perpendicular Snap and Parallel Snap.


  • Negative oblique angle fixed when using DDEDIT.
  • Fixed usage of current text style for multiline text.
  • Fixed Text Fit option.
  • Background color can now be turned off in the Multiline Text dialog box.


  • Image Scale value fixed.
  • Fixed text direction.


  • Fix for LISP (entmod) when setting owner of an object.
  • SDS fixes, including: executing commands after using sds_ssgetwithprompt from modeless dialog.
  • Many fixes for VBA, including: Mirror3d method, AddRegion method, get_PrincipalDirections method implemented, GetPoint method, Document.Import and Document.Export, insertBlock method, object.transformby.
  • Developer Reference Help File (ITC_IDR.CHM): Added SDS and VBA migration recommendations for migrating applications built for IntelliCAD 6.x to IntelliCAD 7.x versions. Also updated SDS and VBA examples in the documentation.

More fixes

  • Added network floating licensing support.
  • Fixed localized versions that were not accepting some command options.
  • Fix for moving rotated dimensions.
  • Fixed issue when using Dim Continue on Dim Ordinate with a different UCS.
  • Fixed PLINE ARC drawn with negative angles in clockwise direction.
  • Fixed importing of a Google surface.
  • Added Bind option to Explorer > External References.
  • System variables fixed to be read-only: LOCALROOTPREFIX, MYDOCUMENTSPREFIX, and ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX.
  • Explode command fixed for 3D faces.
  • EXPLAYOUTS fixed for importing and exporting layouts to/from drawing templates.
  • Grid density improvements.
  • Render improvements for CAMERADISPLAY and LIGHTGLYPHDISPLAY.
  • SECTION fixed for creating regions using 2DPOLYLINE.
  • Fix for attribute selection order.
  • Fixes for extruding polylines and regions.
  • Fixes for stretching dimension text.
  • Hatch area calculations improved.
  • Fixed issue during layout viewing/switching when LAYOUTREGENCTL = 1.

New system variables



Important fixes in 7.2c

The following list details some of the new 200+ fixes that were implemented since the 7.2b release.

Working with drawing files

  • Fixed conversion for files on read-only network drives.
  • Export PDF includes U.S./Imperial units support.
  • Performance for SAVEAS doubled.


  • Fixed printing when using the Window option.
  • Print Preview fixed to display polylines in some cases where they were not visible.
  • Fixed printing for entities with thickness different from "0".
  • Printing with a header or footer (Tools > Options > Printing) uses "," character to separate left, middle, and right aligned text.

Snapping and tracking

  • Center snap fixed when snapping to arc segment of closed polyline.
  • Nearest snap fixed when using grid and Ortho.
  • Snapping fixed to work with circles of small radiuses.
  • Extension snap fixed in UCS for linear entities.
  • Parallel snapping fixed for external references.
  • Polar tracking fixed in NWUCS.
  • Snap INT fixed for multi-line entities.
  • Entity snap markers visible when they display for entity of same color using the OSNAPXORDRAW system variable.


  • MTEXT entity display accuracy improved in reported cases.
  • Text position fixed when changing text.
  • Alternate fonts fixed to be used for missing TrueType fonts.
  • Direct entry of Unicode codes is now supported in the Multiline Text dialog box.


  • Several SDS fixes, including: sds_ssget() for layers that are off; SDS function code fixed for commands called from SDS_CBCMDBEGIN callback; (ssget "ALL) fixed.
  • Many fixes for VBA, including: Utility.WildCardMatch, Hatch.ApplyHatch, and get_ProductOfInertia implemented; fix for AddLeader method and Annotation property compatibility issue; fixed GetEntity recognition of OdDb2dPolyline; fix for Block.AddItems; fix for selection set filters; fix for situation of duplicate table record names; fixed parent block issues; fix for offsetting entities.

More fixes

  • Association fixed for aligned dimensions.
  • Selection corrected for 3D line grips.
  • Draworder fixed for exploded blocks.
  • Improved context menu when right-clicking drawing window, including the addition of recently used commands.
  • Fixed SPLINEDIT layer issue.
  • Clicking and holding down the middle mouse button now activates the Pan command.
  • ACIS library updated to version R23, ACISVER system variable fixed, and ACISOUT enhancements.
  • Fix for -IMAGE command when detaching.
  • Modified the order of entities in the selection set to be more consistent.
  • Performance improvement for DRAWORDER.
  • Fixed data issues when creating ATTDEF entities.
  • Added context menu when right-clicking user paths in Tools > Options > Paths/Files.
  • Rendering fixed when perspective is ON.
  • Fixed wipeout creation using entmake.just
  • IntelliCAD Explorer now works with additional image file formats.
  • Fixed hatch creation in active viewports.
  • Fixed the Flatten command when working with leaders.
  • Enhanced performance of RTPAN.

New system variable



Important fixes in 7.2b

The following list details some of the new 450+ fixes that were implemented since the 7.2a release.

Working with drawing files

  • Fixed crash resulting from auditing files in some cases.
  • Improvements to auto-saving.


  • Fixed reported cases where printing or print preview caused a crash.
  • Fixed Display Print Styles to update display properly.
  • Fixed printing on large custom paper sizes.


  • DIMARC added to the Dimensions menu and toolbar.
  • Update added to the Dimensions menu and toolbar.
  • Fixes for DIMRADIUS and DIMCENTER for blocks.

Snapping and tracking

  • Fixed ORTHO priority when ETRACK is enabled.
  • Fixed issue with OFFSET while also entity snapping.
  • Fixed Parallel snap when working with both Parallel and Extension snaps enabled.
  • Improvements to activating multiple snaps from the command line.
  • Quadrant snap and entity tracking issues fixed when working in UCS.
  • Entity snapping fixed for entities in paperspace.
  • Fixed POLAR for a rotated UCS.
  • Entity snaps fixed for plane surfaces.


  • Fixed rotation issues during block insertion.
  • Fixed issue when inserting uniform-scale blocks.


  • Multiline text improvements: Select All, right-click to paste without formatting, clear all formatting.
  • Multiline text justification improvements.
  • Fixes where formatting differed in editor and drawing (mtext).


  • Fixed case where hatch disappeared after copying or moving it.
  • Fixed using the Stretch command with hatches.
  • Improvements to hatches that displayed with low density.
  • Improvements to hatch prompts.


  • Sample application added for VBA.
  • For LISP commands, fixed F8 ORTHO toggle.
  • Fixed: SDS command calls from LISP leave CMDACTIVE in wrong state.
  • More of the many areas that were fixed for SDS: missing SDS_CBDOCCHG notification when closing a drawing, sds_nentselp fails when looking for polyface mesh, sds_initget/sds_getpoint combination should return RTKWORD, sds_dispobjs returns 2 vertices chains for PFACEs.
  • Some of the many areas that were fixed for VBA: colors, entity filtering, InvertMatrix method, dimension styles, line offsetting, xdata. Some of the methods implemented: get_Centroid, get_MomentOfInertia, get_Volume.
  • Fixes for sds_draggen().

More fixes

  • Crashes fixed during Layout switching in some cases.
  • Loading a .mnu file from a path with a dot symbol.
  • Double-click enabled for moving to paperspace while other entities are selected.
  • Fixed several issues when working with grips.
  • Improvements for working with OLE objects.
  • Fix for arc entities, including the Follow option.
  • Default toolbar layout improved in main window.
  • New toolbars: Zoom and Draworder. Some commands moved from the View toolbar to the Zoom toolbar.
  • Fixed display of Drawing Settings dialog box in non-English languages.
  • Zoom Object command added.
  • Fixed Zoom Dynamic for NWUCS.
  • Color selection fixed for cases where a crash was caused.
  • Multiple issues with wipeouts fixed.
  • Added recent command list to the context menu for right-clicking in a drawing.
  • Fixed issues handling large number of groups in IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • PURGE command now works with unnamed groups.
  • Fixed EXTRUDE for entities with large coordinates and for extruding regions on a closed polyline.
  • Fixed MASSPROP command for UCS.
  • Fixed issue when drawing boxes with negative Z value.
  • Fix for Convert to Mesh (3DCONVERT).
  • Hyperlink icon display improved.
  • 3dSolid materials fixed when rendering in gray color.
  • Fixes for the Stretch command.
  • Fix for entity display when layer color changes.
  • Fixes for Zoom Dynamic.

New system variables



Important fixes in 7.2a

The following list details some of the new 700+ fixes that were implemented since the initial 7.2 release.

Working with drawing files

  • Due to issues with AutoCAD shell extensions, any program running on the same computer where Autodesk® AutoCAD® is installed can experience crashes when selecting files. If you experience related issues, either install the fix for AutoCAD or uninstall AutoCAD. For more details, see

Performance enhancements

  • Improved performance for drawings with underlays, including snap, pan, zoom, and entity creation.
  • Improved regeneration when working with linetypes.


  • Several fixes for print preview.
  • Fixed some cases where the print area was cropped improperly.
  • Improved pen widths.
  • Fixed printing of OLE objects.


  • Fixed lineweight of diameter and radius dimensions.
  • Fixed editing of dimension text when using STRETCH.

Snapping and tracking

  • Fixed issue with intersection snapping when drawing entities.

  • Guidelines improved for polar and entity tracking and all entity snaps are turned on.
  • Fixed entity snaps when using STRETCH.
  • Fixed snapping to grip points during grip editing.
  • Fixed nearest snap after changing the viewpoint.
  • Fixed entity snaps when using Polyface Mesh command.


  • Fixed cases where text inside blocks was not positioned properly.
  • Multiple fixes for exploding blocks.
  • Fixed insertion point of blocks with dimensions.
  • Fixed regenerating raster images in blocks.


  • Multiple fixes for SPELL.
  • Fixed text height issue when working with annotative text.
  • MTEXT dialog oblique display improved.


  • Fixed -HATCH with HPNAME set to a new pattern.
  • Improved handling of hatch display when pattern is to dense to display.
  • Fixed issue with custom hatch patterns.
  • Fixed issue when moving associative hatches.

Raster images

  • Fixed issue with negative viewing and printing of some raster images.

  • Image selection fixed when working with grids.

  • Transparent ZOOM fixed when working with the IMAGECLIP command.

  • Fixed the ATTACH command for raster images.
  • Image printing fixed when fading is set to 0.
  • Fixed use of positioning files for images.
  • Fixed "keep aspect ration" option for raster images.
  • Clipping fixed for images with rotated UCS.


  • Fixes for user input methods (ssget, getPoint, etc).
  • Fixes for sds_getpoint, sds_draggen.
  • Fixes for sds_sendmessage(L" ").
  • Fixes for IcApDocument::fileName, IcApDocument::docTitle().
  • Fixed current Lisp command issue when the current document is closed.
  • Fixed Create / Register COM component inside .irx project
  • Fixed: icdbOpenAcDbEntity() returns eInvalidInput if openObject() fails, regardless of the reason for failure.
  • Item methods in VBA/VSTA begin at 0 (zero).

More fixes

  • Issues fixed for opening drawings with AEC objects.
  • Fixed loading of linetypes from icad.lin in reported cases.

  • Several fixes when using grips, including entity display, z-coordinate issues, and image frame display.

  • Cross polygon selection fixed for reported zoom levels.
  • Fixed DIVIDE when working with blocks.
  • Fixed OFFSET for ellipses.
  • Fixed selection of hidden shapes.
  • Fixed issues with CHSPACE command.
  • Fixed TRIM command when working with infinite lines.
  • Multiple fixes for rotation.
  • Multiple display fixes, including for ACIS objects, viewing multiple viewports, ZOOM+E, HIDE command, and grips.
  • Fixed issues with DVIEW command.
  • Fixed WP selection for non-world view.
  • Fixed cursor position during tablet use.
  • Fixed z-coordinate issue for Box command options.
  • Export to PDF improved.
  • Options > Paths/Files tab improved.

New system variables



Late-breaking documentation in 7.2a


IntelliCAD 7.2a uses the same Teigha version 3.5.1 from the Open Design Alliance as was used in IntelliCAD 7.2.

System Variable Documentation


Determines whether AEC objects are read and displayed.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     0 (AEC objects are not read or displayed), 1 (AEC objects are read and displayed)

Default:     1



Controls the behavior of the autocomplete feature, which can automate keyboard entries when typing in IntelliCAD. Currently the autocomplete feature is not fully implemented, however, the AUTOCOMPLETEMODE system variable does support filtering filenames when typing in a File dialog.

Values 2, 4, 8, and 16 are not implemented.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     The sum of any of the following values: 0 (Off), 1 (Turns on autocomplete feature), 32 (Turns on automatic filtering for File dialogs)

Default:     0



Determines the default version of .dwg files in the Save As dialog box.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Default:     29

Value Version


2010 .dwg file


2010 ASCII .dxf file


2010 binary .dxf file


2007 .dwg file


2007 ASCII .dxf file


2007 binary .dxf file


2004 .dwg file


2004 ASCII .dxf file


2004 binary .dxf file


2000 .dwg file


2000 ASCII .dxf file


2000 binary .dxf file


Release 14 .dwg file


Release 14 ASCII .dxf file


Release 14 binary .dxf file


Release 13 .dwg file


Release 13 ASCII .dxf file


Release 13 binary .dxf file


Release 11/12 .dwg file


Release 11/12 ASCII .dxf file


Release 11/12 binary .dxf file


Release 10 ASCII .dxf file


Release 10 binary .dxf file


Release 9 ASCII .dxf file


Release 9 binary .dxf file


Release 2.6 ASCII .dxf file


Release 2.6 Binary .dxf file


Release 2.5 ASCII .dxf file


Release 2.5 binary .dxf file



Sets the time delay, in milliseconds, for when entity tracking paths display (or hide) when the crosshair is over an entity snap marker.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Default:     400 (milliseconds)



Controls whether layers are visible for external references when using IntelliCAD Explorer.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     0 (Off), 1 (On)

Default:     1



Controls whether the intersection between two text entities is determined when using Intersection Snap.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     0 (Off), 1 (On)

Default:     0



Not implemented. Required for .dwg file compatibility only.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     The sum of any of the following values: 0, 1, 2, 4.

Default:     7



Controls whether grip editing is available using the keyboard. This setting is used to enable automated testing for grip functionality.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     0 (Off), 1 (On)

Default:     0



Controls the display of linetypes. When turned on (set to 1, the default), linetypes are regenerated. When turned off (set to 0), linetypes are not regenerated. Turn this system variable off to improve performance when working with complex drawings and slow regeneration due to linetype generation.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     0 (Off), 1 (On)

Default:     1



Determines whether a drawing is rotated automatically during printing if there is a printer driver problem, for example, if page margins become negative during some orientations.

Type:     Boolean

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     0 (No rotation), 1 (Automatic rotation during printing, if necessary)

Default:     1



Controls whether the Property pane displays when IntelliCAD starts.

Type:     Boolean

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     0 (Property pane is hidden on startup), 1 (Property pane is displayed on startup)

Default:     0


New Features in 7.2

Performance enhancements

  • Graphics device performance improved using OpenGL for graphics cards that support it properly. This greatly improves dynamic pan, zoom, redraw, and rotation, especially for large files.
  • File size and print time reduced for PDF printing.
  • Grip handling, trimming, and extending improved for splines and polylines with very large segment counts (5,000+) due to improved geometric functions for complex curves.
  • Divide command performance improved.
  • Dynamic display performance improved in large drawing files using new ZOOMDETAIL and DRAGDETAIL system variables.
  • Snapping for large drawing files improved.
  • Dynamic dragging improved during entity creation and modification in large drawing files.
  • Memory consumption reduced for raster images.

Entity snapping

  • Use entity snap tracking.
  • Use new entity snaps: Parallel Snap, From Point, Temporary Tracking Point, and Midpoint Between 2 Points.
  • Snap to the center of a polygon (closed polyline).

Working with other files

  • Import .dgn files.
  • Export Collada format files (.dae files).
  • Insert underlays from .pdf, .dgn, and .dwf files.
  • Attach MrSID format files (.sid files).
  • Specify files and paths for working with IntelliCAD using the new Paths/Files tab interface in the Options dialog box.


  • Clip layout viewports.
  • Right-click a Layout tab includes From Template.


  • IntelliCAD 7.2 uses Teigha version 3.5.1 from the Open Design Alliance (updated from version 3.4.1).
  • New (starttransaction) and (endtransaction) LISP functions.
  • New SDS functions for working with graphics planes: sds_getviewplanedc, sds_releaseviewplanedc, and sds_cleanplane.
  • .NET libraries available to load using the APPLOAD command.

More new features

  • Purge unused drawing elements using the new Purge dialog box.
  • Find and replace text.
  • Use the Notification Manager located in the lower right of the IntelliCAD window to view messages and alerts about drawings and running IntelliCAD.
  • Use updated selection filters to better select entities by property, type, proxy, and more.
  • Manage layers using utilities at the command line: LAYCUR, LAYDEL, LAYFRZ, LAYISO, LAYLCK, LAYMCH, LAYMCUR, LAYOFF, LAYON, LAYTHW, LAYULCK, LAYUNISO.

New System Variables



Important fixes in 7.2

The following list details some of the 600+ fixes that were implemented since the 7.1 release.

Open and save files

  • Fixed .dwg files saved in 2004/2002 format.
  • Fixed QSAVE operation after SAVEAS.
  • Fixed QSAVE operation with .dxf files.
  • Improvements made to drawing recover after a crash.


  • Zooming fixed for close-up work with point entities.
  • Autoregen fixed for zooming on large coordinates.
  • Render issues fixed when copying entities.
  • Render command fixed for open polylines.
  • Render issue fixed for hatches and images.
  • Render command fixed for entities with thickness.

Selection and entity editing

  • ORTHO fixed for inserting blocks and stretching with grips.
  • Fillet command improved when working with large coordinates.
  • Array command fixed when working with a rotated UCS.
  • Tangent and perpendicular snap order fixed when working with other snaps.
  • Polar tracking fixed with intersection snap.
  • Extension snap for arcs fixed to use arc path.
  • Offset command fixed for complex polylines and closed polylines.
  • Divide command speed improved for splines and polylines.
  • Stretch command improved when working with dimensions.


  • Fixed issues where hatches were saved incorrectly.
  • Fixed application of ICADISO hatch patterns.
  • Improved copying of hatch properties.
  • Hatch associativity fixed for polylines.


  • Improved dimensions when the text gap is large.
  • Fixed the landing with leader when dimtad=1.
  • Radius and Diametric dimensions improvements when dimtix=1.
  • Dimension Update improvements for display.
  • Dimension command fixed for blocks.
  • Leader text fixed to display correctly in other dimension text.
  • -DIMSTYLE Restore fixed.

Text and multiline text

  • Text and multiline text improved printing results.
  • Text fill fixed for printing of TTF fonts.
  • Fixed issues with multiline text and background masks.
  • Fixed display in Multiline Text Editor for reported fonts.

3D entities

  • Solid box and solid cylinder creation fixed.
  • Improved creation of large cones.


  • Improved size of print job files.
  • Fixed delay when changing paper size.
  • Previous plot option available for page setups in Print dialog box.
  • Fixed "Print without print styles and lineweights."
  • Various fixes for the print mask.


  • Improved memory usage for images.
  • Fixed loading issue when image is missing from specified path.
  • Fixed detachment issue for deleted images.


    • Created new COM method that returns process id.
    • Created .NET sample for non-VSTA libraries .
  • LISP:
    • Returned version of MASSPROP command corrected.
    • Fixed the changing of hatch patterns using LISP.
  • SDS:
    • sds_setview fixed for paper space.
    • sds_nentselp fixed for returning entities.
    • sds_ssget issue when called from a callback fixed.
    • sds_entsel fixed for returning cancel on RMB.
    • sds_dispobjs() fixed for blocks.

More fixes

  • Fixed various crash scenarios.
  • Polygonal viewports fixed when visualized using file "Graphic.cfg".
  • Fixed problem detaching erased xrefs.
  • Fix for GRIDCOLOR.
  • Fix for MASSPROP using the number of an entity in a set.
  • Fix for BLIPMODE and working with points.
  • Fixed problem when inserting shapes using default parameters.
  • CHSPACE command improvements.
  • Fixed issue with editing a block inside a block.
  • ATTEDIT command displays the names of attributes correctly now.
  • OLE fixed to paste images correctly and to open a new drawing when double-clicking paste-clipped entities.
  • Copying and pasting proxies fixed.
  • HPGAPTOL fixed.
  • The linetype definition is not full if create a new linetype based on the current one
  • Linetype definition improvements.
  • PEDIT command fixed to convert line and arc entities to polylines with correct layers.
  • Fixed issue with deleting the last layout of a drawing.
  • Fixed Undo option for the Polyline command when Orthomode is turned on.


Late-breaking documentation in 7.2

SDS API Documentation


struct sds_dobjll* sds_dispobjs(const sds_name nmEntity, int nDispMode);

Return a linked list of sds_dobjll object types.

Each sds_dobjll type describes a small linear geometric segment of the entity being decomposed. Each sds_dobjll contains information specific to each segment, such as type, color, number of points, and contains a chain of sds_real types that can be translated into points (either 2D or 3D) depending on its type.

For example, a red circle would return a number of line segments that are all red and with points that are 3D points. If you place the segments end to end, they would create an entity that looks similar to a true circle when in fact it is created from many short straight line segments. The more segments you have, the smoother the circle will be.

As another example, a rectangle would return a chain of 4 sds_dobjll objects, each having information on its type, color, and number of points (2). The chain of sds_real point data would contain a start point and end point of each segment in the rectangle.

The argument is the linked list returned by a prior call to sds_dispobjs().



void sds_freedispobjs(struct sds_dobjll *pDispObjs);

Free up memory allocated by a previous call to sds_dispobjs().

The argument is the same as the return value after sds_dispobjs() is called.


Previous IntelliCAD® 7.1 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

IntelliCAD 7.1 was released on 11/11/2011.

IntelliCAD 7.1a contains fixed issues and was released on 1/31/12.


Important fixes in 7.1a

The following list details some of the new 250+ fixes that were implemented since the initial 7.1 release.

Open and save files

  • Fix for autosave of .dxf files.
  • The File Association Warning dialog box appears at IntelliCAD start-up if .dwg files are not associated with IntelliCAD. The FILETYPEASSOC system variable controls whether the .dwg file association is verified at IntelliCAD start-up.
  • Better handling of saving files when there is a lack of memory.
  • Fix for SAVEALL command.
  • Fixed issue when opening a drawing from IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • Fix for DWGNAME when autosaving.
  • Fixed issues when exporting to a file with non-English filename and operating system.

Performance enhancements

  • Printing files with TTF fonts has improved print quality, reduced file size by 10x, and improved print time.
  • Using zoom/pan when scrollbars are turned on has a 2x performance improvement.
  • Displaying TTF fonts for REDRAW, PAN, and ZOOM has improved quality and performance.
  • General performance was improved for drawings containing a lot of polyline entities.
  • Dynamic zoom performance is greatly improved for large drawings with large coordinates.
  • Improved performance for font substitution.


  • Fixed print area when printing with VIEWTWIST.
  • Fixed issue when printing images.
  • Fixed issue when using -PRINT and choosing another printer.
  • Fixed Print Preview when previewing from the Print dialog box and when previewing certain files.
  • Fixed issues with Print Style Table Editor setting new colors and also using Form View.


  • Fixed issue with dimension deletion.
  • Fixed DIMALTF minimum value.
  • Fixed cancelling of DIMCENTER command.
  • Fixed crash for ENTPROP of dimensions.
  • Fixed DIMTEDIT when using DIMTMOVE.
  • Fixed issue when using DIMCONTINUE and DIMASSOC.


  • Groups added to IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • Fixed issue with removing entities from a group.
  • Notification added when trying to edit groups located in external references.


  • Improved performance for MTEXT entities that contain complex fonts and a large amount of text.
  • Fixed text direction.
  • Fixed MTEXT rectangle when ORTHO is ON.
  • Fixed rotation angle when using TEXT command.
  • Fixed MTEXT line spacing factor after exploding block with MTEXT.
  • Fixed several issues with DTEXT dialog box.
  • Font loading improved.
  • Improved performance of TTF font rendering. Corrected TTF font substitution.
  • Dialog box fixed when editing dimension text using DDEDIT command.


  • Fixed precision of coordinate values when using the Properties pane.
  • Fixed lineweight default display.
  • Fixed localization issues with ENTPROP.
  • Double-clicking entities in paperspace now opens the Properties pane.
  • Fixed Property pane position after restarting IntelliCAD.
  • Fixed property selection display after creating a new drawing.
  • Fixed adjustment for raster image options Brightness/Contrast/Fade.

IntelliCAD Explorer

  • EXPLORER fixed to work with PDF underlays.
  • Current Viewport visibility column is sortable.
  • Fix for restoring the Explorer window.
  • Fix for attaching image files from Explorer.
  • Display of linetypes corrected.


  • sds_osnap() fixed for "end" mode.
  • sds_draggen() displays selection set.
  • (ssget) improved for screen redraw.
  • sds_trans converts from world to display now.
  • VL-STRING-SUBST Lisp function issues fixed.
  • Undef Lisp function fixed.
  • (trans) returns corrected result with 2D point.
  • Fixed selection of points in SDS applications.
  • Fixed VBILOAD, undoing VBA actions, VBA update of dimensions, issue with Add3DMesh method.
  • Added more flexibility for loading VSTA DLLs; new NETLOAD command and -VSTARUN.
  • CIcadApp::isTestDrive fixed.
  • IntelliCAD.Application.Quit() COM method fixed when using *.scr files.
  • Fixed issue with sds_command call to incomplete command.
  • Fixed issue with sds_command call to start MOVE command.
  • sds_command allows running of partial command.
  • Fix for selection set returned by sds_ssgetfirst function.
  • Fix for zooming and panning while using sds_ssget, sds_getpoint, and other similar functions.
  • Fixed issue on the EXIT command when sds_xunload is called within callback.

More fixes

  • Fixed several localization issues including those when changing the language.
  • Several display improvements when editing and working with entities.
  • Fixed XREF preview.
  • Length of segment can now be typed in.
  • GRDRAW in XOR visibility is fixed on white background.
  • Fixed crash on explode of surface.
  • Shift in hatch location fixed.
  • Fixed LISPINIT system variable.
  • CUSTOMIZE: fix for working with .pgp aliases; fix for new keyboard shortcuts; fix for toolbar button images when importing .mnu file.
  • Copy option added to the ROTATE command.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with color selection when the background is white.
  • Entity highlight fixed when selected entity lies on top of unselected entity (XOR issue).
  • Fixed hatch area detection issue.
  • Fixed display of OLE items in reported instances.
  • Drawing area redraw fixed when a file dialog is active.
  • Fixed problem when exiting after applying materials and rendering.
  • Right-click on Layout tab includes From Template.
  • Changed default rotation for UCS command.
  • SNAPBASE accepts OSNAPS.
  • Fixed issue when using FLATTEN command with 3dpolylines or polylines.
  • Fixed _REFEDIT after performing undo.
  • Improved display of snap markers when using entity snaps.
  • Fixed editing capabilities of drawings when pasted into spreadsheet software.
  • Issue resolved when zooming and using entity snaps; issue resolved when zooming in and out on blocks.
  • -INSERT command now accepts keywords properly.
  • Fixed F3 and F8 behaviors when creating entities.
  • IMAGEATTACH: scale fixes, fix when working with entity snaps, fix for Keep Aspect Ratio.
    loss of display precision while moving entities at large coordinates.
  • FILLET: fix for filleting a 2D polyline and line; fix when using zero radius fillet; improved when working with large coordinates.
  • TRIM: improved when working with large coordinates and lines that meet but do not cross; fix for ALL option when working with polylines.
  • ORTHO: fixed during grip editing; fixed when using (getpoint) inside commands.
  • PURGE: fixed for Batch option; fix when using Explorer after using PURGE.
  • LIST command outputs Thickness property properly.
  • Fixed use of macro names with spaces for -VBARUN command.
  • Coordinates when using COPYBASE and PASTECLIP are fixed.
  • Fixed issue when using INFLINE command and the Bisect option.

Late-breaking documentation in 7.1a

Keyboard shortcuts

Press Ctrl + 1 to open and close the Properties pane.

Copying entities while rotating

To copy selected entities while rotating, choose the Copy option while using the Rotate command.


On the Display tab, in Prompt Boxes Transparency (%), enter the percentage of transparency to apply to prompt boxes when they display.

Working with groups in IntelliCAD Explorer

In IntelliCAD Explorer, you can manage groups that exist in the open drawing, create new groups, manage the entities contained in a group, and change the settings of groups.

To display groups in IntelliCAD Explorer

Do one of the following:

  • Choose Settings > Explore Groups.
  • On the Settings toolbar, click the Explore Groups tool.
  • Type expgroups and then press Enter.

To create a new group using IntelliCAD Explorer

  1. In Explorer, do one of the following:
    • Choose Edit > New > Group.
    • Click the New Item tool.

    A new group is added as Anonymous.

  2. Type the name for the new group by typing over the highlighted default text, and then press Enter.
  3. Click the [+] tool to select the entities to be included in the group; click the [-] tool to select the entities to remove from the group.
    You can also click the Number of Entities column and choose Add Entities or Remove Entities.
  4. Press Enter when done selecting entities.
  5. To complete the command, close the window.

To modify a group using IntelliCAD Explorer

  1. In Explorer, select Groups.
  2. To rename a group, do one of the following:
    • Select the group, choose Edit > Rename, type a new name, and then press Enter.
    • Click the group name you want to change, type a new name, and then press Enter.
    • Right-click the group name you want to change, and from the shortcut menu, select Rename, type a new name, and then press Enter.
  3. To add entities to a group, select the group and click the [+] tool, select the entities in the drawing to be included in the group, then press Enter when done selecting entities.
  4. To remove entities from a group, select the group and click the [-] tool, select the entities in the drawing to remove from the group, then press Enter when done selecting entities.
  5. To make a group selectable or unselectable in the drawing, click Selectable for it.
  6. To reorder the entities in a group, select the group and click the Reorder tool, make you selections, then click OK. Click [?] for more details about the options in the Reorder Grouped Entities dialog box.
  7. To select a group in the drawing and have that group highlighted in the list of groups, click the Highlight tool, select the desired group, then press Enter. The appropriate group will be highlighted in the list.
  8. To complete the command, close the window.

Using VSTA

Running VSTA custom applications from IntelliCAD is similar to working with VBA custom applications. Use the following commands on the Tools > Visual Studio Tools for Applications menu for working with VSTA:

  • VSTA Add-in Manager (vstaload) — Manages the Microsoft® Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) programs.
  • VSTA IDE (vsta or alias vstaide) — Starts the Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) program and displays the VSTA window.
  • Load .NET Application (netload) — Opens the Choose .NET Assembly dialog box where you can specify a .NET .dll to load.

You can also type -vstarun in the command bar to run a VSTA method after a VSTA program is loaded.

New System Variables


Controls whether IntelliCAD checks at IntelliCAD start-up whether .dwg files are associated with IntelliCAD.

The value can be one of the following:

0 = Does not verify the file association of .dwg files at IntelliCAD start-up.

1 = Verifies the file association and displays the File Association Warning dialog box if .dwg files are not associated with IntelliCAD.

2 = Verifies the file association and automatically associates .dwg files with IntelliCAD if .dwg files are not associated with IntelliCAD.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     0-2

Default:     1


Controls whether REGEN is used while zooming.

When large drawings with large coordinates are displayed in OpenGL, complex entities like text and polylines display with a reduced number of vectors which can cause a rough appearance. When REGENONZOOM is on (set to 1), IntelliCAD performs a cleanup after ZOOM to improve the display quality of these entities, however, this can also cause some performance degradation. Turning REGENONZOOM off (set to 0) will improve ZOOM performance but reduce display quality for large drawings with large coordinates.

Type:     Integer

Saved:     In the registry

Range:     0 (REGEN is not used during ZOOM), 1 (REGEN is used during ZOOM)

Default:     1


New Features in 7.1

Multiline text

  • Multiline text options menu supports stacked text, overline text, number/list settings, background settings, and more.
  • DDEDIT supports editing dimension text.


  • Enhanced ability to print using previous print settings regardless of IntelliCAD sessions.
  • Increased zooming capability for Print Preview.

Performance enhancements

  • Opening and saving files.
  • Displaying images.
  • Selection and deselection.


  • IntelliCAD 7.1 uses Teigha for .dwg files version 3.4.1 from the Open Design Alliance (updated from version 3.2). DRX programs and extensions are now named TX.

More features

  • Support for Parallel entity snapping. Note that the PARALLEL command was renamed to OFFSET to support Parallel entity snaps.
  • Layouts can be copied between drawings in IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • Exporting to a .pdf file allows setting of portrait or landscape orientation and accepts a paper size in inches in addition to millimeters.
  • Clipping an image in Professional versions can be inverted, that is, the hidden portion can be either inside or outside of the clip boundary.
  • Type SETVIEWSIZE at the command prompt to set the IntelliCAD screen size.
  • Dimension style names can be edited directly in the Dimension Style dialog box without having to click Rename.
  • Use the DGNATTACH command to attach .dgn files.

New System Variables

  • Removed BLOCKCACHESIZE (IntelliCAD now uses the Teigha block cache, which does not have the ability to set the minimum size).
  • Renamed HELP system variable to HELPPREFIX.


Important fixes in 7.1

The following list details some of the 440 fixes that were implemented since the 7.0b release (750 fixes since the 7.0 release).

Open and save files

  • Improved performance for opening files with complex polylines.
  • Removed "Missing External File" prompt during save.


  • Fixed display of drawings with extremely large units that could display jagged text and arcs.
  • Fixed cursor XOR problems when background color matched cursor color.
  • Cursor display fixed when resizing the drawing window.
  • Fixed display issues after using COPY command.

Selection and entity editing

  • Fixed changing orthogonal mode during grip editing.
  • Improved preview for MOVE command in paperspace.
  • Selection rectangles removed after selection is finished (SELECT command).
  • Temporary graphics for grips and snaps were not always cleared properly.
  • Coordinates updating faster while dragging an entity.
  • In some cases NODE snap did not work for point entities.
  • Fixed End entity snap to modelspace entities from paperspace.
  • ESNAP improvements for aperture area, priority order for Intersection and Tangent snaps, performance in paperspace, temporary esnaps.
  • Fix for "Show snap setting on cursor" option.


  • MLINE justification/alignment changed with Properties command.
  • Fixed: auto hiding the Properties docking dialog breaks layout preferences stored in registry.
  • Properties of views are updated correctly now.
  • Fixed changing the scale of a block with attributes.
  • Fixed: editing of multiline properties.
  • MATCHPROP fixed for a leader's dimscale.


  • Fixed double-clicking hatch entities.
  • Lost associativity for hatches was fixed.
  • Improved mirrored hatch.
  • Fixed problems with editing hatch origin.

Text and multiline text

  • In some cases DDEDIT could rotate TEXT incorrectly.
  • Incorrect line spacing in MTEXT.
  • MTEXT editor improvements: default zoom level in dialog box, better font display, stack b/a feature, relative font size precision.
  • Improved grip editing for TEXT entities.
  • TEXT input works as expected now when clicking left mouse button while typing.
  • Fixed: setting TEXT height to 0 in property pane leads to error.
  • Fixed: DDEDIT command can reset text lineweight and thickness to 0.
  • Improvements to working with text styles after PURGE and REGEN.
  • Fixed display of Thai language character.

3D entities

  • Centroid of 3D box, wedge and frustum is now in world coordinates.
  • Computation of the frustum area is correct.
  • 3D blocks can be created with color by block.
  • Fixed extruding for 3D face objects.
  • Added drag line when drawing height of cones and cylinders.


  • Printer paper size setting respected during print changes; custom paper size fixed.
  • Print scale units respected during paper size changes.
  • Fix for print style color editing.
  • Shade, Wireframe setting fixed for pen settings.
  • Printing preview better matches selected window.
  • Changing current page setup affects current layout.
  • Hidden line removal fixed for printing.
  • Apply to layout option updates layout immediately.
  • Corrected use of header and footer in some cases.


  • Fixed how IntelliCAD handles inserting an unsupported image type.
  • Improved Detach in Image Manager.
  • InvertClip option is now available.
  • Fixed display of an image's path/location in Image Manager.
  • Fixed display of monochrome images.
  • Fixed image resolution quality for large images.


  • ICAD.LSP is performed whenever ICAD opens a drawing. (ACADLSPASDOC=OFF)
  • Fixes for GRREAD lisp function.
  • Improvements and fixes for GRDRAW.
  • Fixed ICAD main view redraw while running IRX/SDS with modal MFC dialog.
  • oddbEntLast() is now paperspace/modelspace aware.
  • Fixed: ssget filter ignores case for names but checks case for generic text.
  • Improved IcEdInputPointMonitor.
  • Improved performance of sds_grvecs function.
  • Performance improvement for entmod function.
  • OdDbBlockTableRecord::assumeOwnershipOf() fixed.
  • Fixes for sds_draggen.
  • Fixed: ATTDEF and WBLOCK commands do not not suppress output if run through LISP (command) interface.
  • Fixed HandleToObject with invalid handle.

More fixes

  • Some older release 12 drawings with MLEADERs were not rendered correctly.
  • Resolved conflicts between commands and system variables with the same name.
  • Can't select Settings->Drawing Units->Angle Direction->Clockwise.
  • Fixed: polyline creation with BULGES.
  • Fixed UCS option for changing view to plan view.
  • Exporting to WMF and EMF respects selected entities.
  • ENTER repeats cancelled commands by default.
  • Improved copy with basepoint.
  • NEW command displays an error dialog if BASEFILE is set to none (".").
  • Default Spelling and Color paths use User folders, not Program Files.
  • Value of WNDPTEXT fixed, affecting PMTHIST command.
  • Fixed UNDO of layout creation; fixed recall of local commands.
  • Layer toolbar now allows setting XREF layers as current.
  • FONTALT supports TrueType fonts.
  • Fixed range for TSPACEFAC system variable.
  • Fixed: PICKAUTO=0 doesn't work correctly in some cases.
  • ZOOM command fixed in non-World UCS.
  • Fixed: working with special hidden viewports on layouts.
  • Improved accuracy for point selection, window selection.
  • Fixes for MULTIPLE command.
  • Improved draworder for COPY and MIRROR commands.
  • Improved dimension style compatibility.
  • Fixed value of AFLAGS system variable after creating multiline attribute.
  • When starting an edit command, now displays the number of selected entities.
  • -XREF command allows you to display the File Open dialog.
  • Exporting to a .pdf file is fixed for some cases where the output didn't match the preview.
  • EXPLODE command works for blocks with a solid hatch.
  • Fixed FILLET command when inserting an inverted arc segment and when joining filleted pieces to a lightweight polyline.
  • EXTEND command accepts window selection.


Previous IntelliCAD® 7.0 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

IntelliCAD 7.0 was released on 6/10/2011.

IntelliCAD 7.0a was released on 7/26/2011.

IntelliCAD 7.0b was released on 8/26/2011.

IntelliCAD 7.0c was released on 12/2/2011.


New Features

Interactive Graphic Elements

  • Selection crossing/window shows transparent colorization.

  • Selected entities appear in color during dragging.

  • Point indicators to help in graphics creation (e.g., when drawing a 3-point circle).

  • Paperspace sheet color.

  • Automatic creation of mview viewport on initial activation of Layout tab.

User Interface

  • Pulldown menus include support for re-organized commands and the display of icons.

  • Several dialogs include 24-bit icons or have been re-written.

  • New docking properties pane with the ability to pin or hide the window.

  • IntelliCAD Drawing Explorer is enhanced with 24-bit icons, improved layer handling with multi-select support, icons in the list control, and improved usability.

  • Improvements in handling blocks, views, dimensions, and text styles.

  • Improvements to snap and selection.

  • Multiple windows can be open with different views or layouts.

  • Paperspace supports non-rectangular viewports.

Display Devices

  • New support for choosing a display device directly from the status bar.
  • Choose between DirectX, OpenGL, and the computer's default device.
  • Three new system variables for managing display devices: GSCURRENT, GSPRIMARY, and GSALT.

Graphics Display

  • Real-time hidden-line and shaded viewing.

  • Display gradient hatches.

  • Improved draw order and dragging in color.

  • Non-rectangular viewports.

  • Display proxies in blocks and xreferences.

  • Display ADT and Civil 3D objects.

  • DWF and DGN overlays.


  • IntelliCAD 7 is now using DWGdirect as its internal database; the DRX interface is available for developers to create custom entities. See the sample DRX applications.

  • Support for Visual Studio Tools for Applications.

  • SDS/ADS now supports UNICODE.

More New Features

  • Direct integration with the DWGdirect libraries allows for faster ODA updates.

  • New Page Setup Manager.

  • Enhanced Print dialog.

  • Export STL files.

  • LAYBYENT command allows you to select an entity to control layer settings or VPLayer settings.

  • REFEDIT command allows you to edit blocks even if they are in external drawings (Xrefs).

  • GSCURRENT allows you to change graphics display devices.

  • Options dialog allows you to change languages on the fly.

  • Dozens of new hatch patterns.

  • New FEEDBACK command for users to send in feedback.

  • Direct access to Developer Help from the Help menu.

  • Direct access to the User Guide PDF from the Help menu.

  • Support for visual styles.

  • New 3D orbit command for easier dynamic rotation and 3D viewing.

  • New dimension styles.

  • Ability to display print styles in paper space.

  • Support for associative dimensions.

  • Support for relative paths for images and Xreferences.

Performance Enhancements

  • Opening and saving files.
  • Real-time rotating, hidden line, and shading.
  • Double buffer display.
  • Because DWGdirect is the database, more modern data structures are used which are faster (maps and vectors verses arrays).
  • Demand loading features as DRX applications, including the Properties pane, IntelliCAD Explorer, External Reference Manager, Image Manager, solids creation/editing, mesh entity creation, and more.
  • The drawing database is persistent and this speeds access for saving, printing, layout issues, etc.


Important fixes in 7.0a

The following list details some of the 200+ fixes that were implemented since the initial 7.0 release.

Open and save files

  • Fixed SAVEAS at command prompt for ASCII DXF.
  • File types fixed in localized version of Open dialog box.
  • File saved to correct format after using _wblock command.


  • Default Print output path fixed for My Documents folder.
  • Paper area corrected when user changes printer driver.
  • Zoom levels in Print Preview mode are improved.
  • PRINT command saves previous plot now.
  • Fixed printing of shaded boxes that required wireframe printing.
  • Fixed printing to limits that printed from the upper right.
  • PC3 support improvements.
  • Print preview fixed for hiding entities in a block located on non-printed layer.

Blocks, attributes, and external references

  • Fixed WBLOCK dialog for pre-selected blocks.
  • Several fixes and improvements for attributes, their entity data, and attribute flags.
  • Exploding a block with an attribute positions the attribute definition now.


  • Default MTEXT color fixed.
  • Fixed justification for Text entities.
  • Fixed lost TAB characters when editing MTEXT.
  • Fixes for MTEXT background fills.
  • Fixed the color of MTEXT when pasted from another application.


  • Fixed issue with dragging dimension text.
  • Fixed DIMJOGLINE command issue.
  • Fixed the position of Dimlin when selecting side of a rectangle.
  • Fixed dimension styles with leaders directed "over dimension line, with leader."
  • Fixed text placement when updating dimensions.


  • Added function icedAddObjectContextMenu.
  • Fixes for vl- string functions.
  • Fix for registering LISP functions using IRX.
  • Fix for LISP (read) of escaped symbols.
  • LISP fixes for functions 'entdel' and 'entnext'.
  • Fix for SDS function "sds_getvar" that returned type RTLONG instead of RTSHORT for integer variables.
  • Calling sds_command from a non-ICAD thread.
  • sds_ssget to return RTCAN if user presses Esc at selection prompt.
  • Fix for (command "._dimstyle") that opened a dialog.
  • (entget) for leader entity now returns complete data list.

Other fixes

  • Improvements to CHPROP command, including highlighting during use and using repeatedly.
  • Layer selection fixed when attempting to select frozen layers.
  • ENTPROP now changes block attributes in paperspace and modelspace properly.
  • Default log path was corrected to support Windows 7 User Access Control.
  • Toolbar fixes include display of context menu and import/export detailed XML format.

  • Several improvements and fixes to the FILLET command.
  • Fixed BHATCH issue with UCS.
  • Fixes for ARRAY polar angle and 3DARRAY polar angle.
  • 3DPOLY command now prompts properly for closing the polygon.
  • Entity snap icon displays properly during grip operations.
  • CUT and COPY no longer cause deadlock issues.
  • FLATTEN command preserves entity layer now. FLATTEN also fixed for 3D polygons.
  • AREA now supports IMAGE, TEXT, and MTEXT entities.
  • Fix for moving 3D solids.
  • Fix for ZOOM command with windows.
  • Fix for DGNATTACH command.
  • Fix for NEWWIZ command when specifying a template to a bad file name.
  • -INSERT command now uses command line properly.
  • Page Setup icons fixed in localized version of Explorer.
  • Fixed crash for GROUP command when reordering entities.
  • Fixed crash with ARRAY command when using with large text.
  • Several fixes for PEDIT command, including decurves, fit, and join.
  • Fixed using "." to set string sysvar to empty value.
  • Performance improvements to EXTEND command.
  • Fixed OFFSET command issues.
  • Fixed crash when deleting a linetype.
  • Fixed INSERT command scale issues.
  • Fixed EDITLEN Undo option.
  • True Color specification fixed for ENTMAKE.
  • Fix for creating a 3D face on the current layer.


Important fixes in 7.0b

The following list details some of the 100+ fixes that were implemented since the 7.0a release.


  • Fixed lineweight text in Print Style Editor dialog box.
  • Fixed print preview for drawings with changed UCS.

Blocks, attributes, and external references

  • ATTEXT exports varied values (block scales and number of decimals).
  • Blocks no longer disappear after using Xclip.
  • Precision error fixed when creating point block.
  • -INSERT command now accepts PYSCALE and PXSCALE keywords.
  • INSERT command string changed for preview scale.
  • Attribute inside blocks now moves properly when using the ENTPROP command.


  • Corrected the Thickness property for text entities.
  • Enhanced display of Multiline Text dialog box.
  • Zoom factor is now stored and recalled for MTEXT editor.


  • Fixed the DIMLINEAR command.
  • Fixed grip editing when working with DIMDIAMETER.


  • Gradient hatch properties are not copied correctly using MATCHPROP.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior for hatch scale.


  • Select using "PROperties" now filters selection.
  • ENTPROP command changes the scale of the block properly.
  • Properties fixed when editing Mline Scale of MLINE entity.
  • TrueColor fixed for Entity setting using the CHPROP command.


  • Improvements for BlockInsert entities for COM.
  • Implemented equivalent of DIVIDE command for COM.
  • Added VBARUN feature to load and run script in one command.
  • Function (VL-Directory-Files) now returns results in correct format.
  • Improved SSGET and selection filtering for LISP.
  • Fixed VBI infinite loop during runtime.
  • Fixed changing of DIMBLK value using the setvar LISP command.
  • Fixed sds_command call to EXPLODE using the RTPICKS argument.

Other fixes

  • Performance improved when removing large part of selection.
  • Fixed custom bitmaps on toolbars and positioning of new toolbars.
  • Audionotes fixed for Microsoft Windows 7 with UAC on.
  • POINT entity is inserted correctly now when ORTHO mode is ON.
  • Fixed use of CHAMFER when distance is invalid.
  • Trim with crossing window trim entities properly.
  • Fixed visibility of ACIS solid circular edges.
  • Eliminated multiple Icad directories in \Users\UserName\Documents\.
  • The MVIEW fit option fits the screen or layout properly.
  • Fixed the display of lineweight by index number for CHANGE/CHPROP/LIST.
  • Fixed FILLET in unique situation.
  • Fix for crash during DRAG_AND_DROP command.
  • Fixed extension when changing the graphics system using OPTIONS > Display, Browse.
  • UNDOCTL system variable is read-only now.
  • The Create option for LINETYPE command was fixed.
  • DIST command reflects AUNITS setting now.
  • Fixed view error when rotating 3D arrays.
  • ConvertUnit fixed. Null symbol was added to end of the string for correct unit file parsing.
  • Automatically close the Language Selection dialog box by double-clicking a language in the list.
  • Menu control displays properly now.
  • Fixed crash when dropping a text file on a drawing.
  • OLELINKS dialog shows links properly now.
  • Fixed display of empty frame for OLE2FRAME after roundtrip.
  • Fixed window display when adding a new layout after switching layouts.
  • Improved MOVE performance.
  • Improvements made to the crash handler to send more accurate data.
  • IntelliCAD shows ACIS entities correctly where it didn't before.
  • Fixed IntelliCAD display when selecting views in IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • Corrected inactive OLE drawing object display in Microsoft Excel.
  • The maximum number of items for the ARRAY command can be set properly now.
  • Improved how EXTEND works with UNDO.
  • Fixed screen flickers on selection rectangle in some situations.
  • Fixed incorrect layout color in unique situations.
  • Installer prerequisites added to bootstrapper configuration for members to enable/disable. Also universal path to bootstrapper for x86 and x64 system is used.
  • MSPACE command now activates model space in a viewport.
  • ACIS functionality enabled with correct Modeler.dll.
  • Fixed display of prompt box after using toolbar.
  • Fixed solids preview.
  • Grips fixed for dynamic pan and zoom.
  • Zoom Window in MVIEW fixed.
  • Fixed display of entities when using EXPLODE.
  • Fixed offset of XLINEs.
  • GRDRAW: Added special layer in Icad device for temporary graphics which is merged in XOR mode to OpenGL graphics. GRDRAW performance is faster now.
  • NWUCS: Selected reference point for solid wedges and spheres corrected.
  • Mouse pan fixed after mouse wheel zoom.
  • Arrow keys now work properly when set for PAN command.
  • Improved usability for command execution and switching between viewports.
  • Selected reference points for solid wedges and pyramids were corrected.
  • Added leading ' ' to purge command initial prompt to clean up the command line.
  • Enabled regen on each update for raster images.
  • Added PEDIT to the list of commands in FEEDBACK.
  • Old hyperlink marker removed properly now when using MOVE command.
  • Internal and hidden commands are omitted from the command history now.

Important fixes in 7.0c

The following list details some of the fixes that were implemented since the 7.0b release.


  • Print styles fixed to properly use file type extension in file name.

Blocks, attributes, and external references

  • Attribute values support spaces using the -ATTDEF command.


  • Fix for DDEDIT command when specifying text lineweight and thickness.
  • Fix for Text / Justify / Style option.
  • Fixed incorrect text rotation that occurred in some instances.


  • Fix for -DIMSTYLE / Annotative option.
  • Fix for dimension style list values.


  • Fixed crash when editing a hatch origin.
  • Fixed hatch creation issue that occurred in some instances.


  • Fixed snapping (with enabled ASYNCSELECT) while zooming issue.
  • Snap option fixed for grids.


  • COM fix: Add3DMesh method.
  • SDS fix: (setq ss (ssget)) (COMMAND "-WBLOCK" "H:/CAD/TEMP.DWG" "" "Y" "0,0" "" ss "")
  • IRX and TX fixes:
    • IcGripsDrawer::invalidateGripPoints()
    • _IcadCommandThread() -> OdDbObjectId::safeOpenObject()

Other fixes

  • System variables: Fixed AFLAGS value after creating multiline text attribute; fixed variables that weren't accepting the "." value, fixed ACADLSPASDOC.
  • Preview displays for tolerances when picking points.
  • Limits checking disabled for LIMITS command when LIMCHECK = ON.
  • Fixed entry of shape names.
  • Slide image fixed when moving crosshair.
  • Fixed intermittent crashes, including when using Entity Properties toolbar after _CUTCLIP, when changing orthogonal model during grip editing, and when grip editing while using F6.
  • Entities in group selection fixed when using PICKSTYLE=2.
  • Entities selected for export fixed when exporting to WMF or EMF.
  • SOLIDEDIT command prompt fixes.
  • Fixes for the UCS dialog box.
  • Improved layer selection at prompt.
  • Fixed problem with mirroring entities for localized versions.
  • Fixed entry of segment lengths.


Previous IntelliCAD(R) 6.6 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

IntelliCAD 6.6 was released in 9/1/2009.


Important fixes

As of September 2009, the following list details some of the fixes that were implemented for this release.

Open and save files

  • Drawings with multiple layouts and printer configurations now save much faster.
  • Some drawings did not load and convert polylines when PLINETYPE=0; this has been fixed.
  • Improved reliability when opening drawings from a network drive.
  • Improved opening files through Windows File Explorer.
  • Improved roundtrip for non-rectangular viewports.

Raster images (IntelliCAD Professional versions)

  • Adeko Raster now handles larger images with higher performance and less memory usage.
  • Adeko Raster provides better performance for more complex drawings with many images attached.
  • Crashes could occur during out-of-memory conditions for extremely large image files (300MB+); this has been fixed.
  • IMAGECLIP command line options are now compatible with scripts.
  • IMAGECLIP can now be called correctly from LISP.
  • AddImage COM API method is now working correctly.
  • Image/Attach dialog box did not always appear on top of the IntelliCAD main window; this has been fixed.
  • Fade option of image management no longer works in reverse.
  • Adeko Raster now properly supports FILEDIA when attaching image files.
  • Added the RASTERVERNUM system variable to determine the version number of Adeko Raster.
  • Improved support for images inserted with Hitachi Image manager.
  • Added support for additional image positioning files.
  • Image handling from LISP and the command line have been improved.

Blocks and external references

  • Dynamic block roundtrip improvements.
  • Performance increase in handling font substitutions for complex external references.
  • INSERT command no longer creates incorrectly scaled blocks when the z-scale is not prompted.
  • Block attributes no longer display the incorrect position (justification) when reopened in other applications.


  • Hatch boundary now handles more complex cases.

View drawings

  • Improved pan and zoom performance for large raster images.
  • Real-time pan or zoom no longer causes the loss of correlation between the crosshairs and the entity during some COPY and MOVE operations.
  • Improved display of table entities.
  • Fixed a GDI memory leak for the ZOOM command.


  • Print offset now stores in paper units.
  • The -plot command now consistently handles the advanced plot setting "Print Lineweights."


  • SDS: Some problems occurred in SDS applications when the XCrashHandler application was active; this has been fixed.
  • SDS: Deadlocks could occur when using sds_command to call Zoom and sds_ssget at the same time; this has been fixed.
  • SDS: sds_draggen() could crash when a NULL prompt was passed in; this has been fixed.

Other fixes

  • Entity Properties toolbar can now change an entity to reside on a frozen layer.
  • Polar tracking now works properly with Surveyor's Units.
  • Offset polyline now handles more complex cases.

  • In some cases keywords were not properly handled when combined with object snap input; this has been fixed.

  • Incorrect tablet configuration could cause random crashes; this has been fixed.

  • Some intermittent crashes occurred during mouse-over grip editing and drawing closing; this has been fixed.

  • IntelliCAD could crash when deleting linetypes from the IntelliCAD Explorer; this has been fixed.

  • Drawing change callbacks are no longer inconsistent.

  • New support for DIMTALN and MTEXT format \S~.

  • Attribute and AttributeDef objects now support the Locked property.

  • New enhancements to the User Coordinate System window.
  • A new UCS can now be created using the SETUCS command > Explore UCSes.

  • The Fillet Chain option now works for ACIS solids filleting.

  • A random crash no longer occurs for the XCLIP and XREF CLIP commands.

  • Rendering was improved for shape based linetypes.

  • Performance was enhanced for entmod of layer tables.

  • Offset command improved handling for properties and extended entity data.

  • Increased omode settings snap priority over polar snap settings priority when both are enabled.

  • Improved performance with very large sets of toolbars and menus.

  • Improved trim for some ellipse entities.

Technical notes

Resource availability

Users may experience limited resource availability errors after using IntelliCAD for a long period of time without re-starting the software. This is a known memory leak issue with the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP operating system. To apply the fix, go to;en-us;319740.



Previous IntelliCAD(R) 6.5 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 6.5 was released 7/7/2008.


New features

Performance enhancements

Performance has been enhanced considerably when using real-time zoom, real-time pan, and saving drawings.

Toolbar and menu icons

The IntelliCAD user interface has been enhanced with new 24-bit icons for all color toolbar icons and menus.

Use polar tracking

Polar tracking is a new tool used to help you draw with precision. When polar tracking is turned on, guides display on the screen automatically at specified polar angle increments.

Check the spelling of text

You can check the spelling of single-line text, multiline text, paragraph text, attributes, attribute definitions, and dimension text. Additional features include loading dictionaries from different sources, including various languages, and adding your own words to a custom dictionary.

Copy multiple entities

Now it’s easier to copy multiple entities. IntelliCAD defaults to prompting for additional copies of selected entities during the Copy command.

Work with additional image formats

The number of image formats available for drawings has been expanded. You can include images in the following formats: ECW, JPG 2000, ERS, ALG, HDR, DAT, DOQ, FST, NTF, ASC, IMG, DEM, DDF, DT0 and DT1, and HDF (including MET, L1R, and L1G).

Layer toolbar

You can now use the Layer toolbar to specify layout-specific layer settings. The Layer toolbar dynamically sizes, making it easier to manage large layer lists or drawings with long layer names.

VBILOAD command

A newly implemented VBILOAD command allows you to load a VBI file.

Customize the status bar and menus using DIESEL

You can use DIESEL from the command line, in MNU menu files, and in LISP to customize the status bar and menus.

Use new and enhanced system variables



Important fixes

The following list details some of the approximately 200 fixes that were implemented for this release.

Open and save files

  • IntelliCAD uses the DWGdirect 2.5.2 libraries.
  • IntelliCAD uses new DaVinci libraries.
  • When opening a DWG 2006 file created originally in Autodesk® AutoCAD®, the ATTRIB no longer changes in IntelliCAD. Also, hard pointer is no longer changed from LEADER to MTEXT.
  • QSAVE works properly now when zoomed in closely in a drawing.
  • Saving a drawing after exploding its contents no longer produces errors.
  • In some specific cases, the following items were inconsistent when opening and saving drawings, which have been fixed: VIEWCTR, ACIS solids, elliptical arcs, splines, text thickness, draw order.
  • Improved behavior when attempting to reopen an already opened drawing file.

Import and export files

  • When exporting to PDF, IntelliCAD now includes external references and OLE objects.
  • Exporting to 3D DWF works correctly now.
  • OLE objects are exported to PDF files correctly now.

Raster images (IntelliCAD Professional versions)

  • Attaching a raster image now properly releases memory.
  • Stretching images with clipped boundaries could cause IntelliCAD to crash.
  • TFW positioning files are used correctly.
  • Images can now be attached that have non-English file paths.
  • Image file sizes no longer change when saving drawings.
  • Images that cannot be found or loaded no longer cause delays on REGEN.
  • Fixed problem when attaching invalid images.
  • You can now attach images even when FILEDIA is turned off.


  • Inconsistencies in distinguishing layers named "0" and "00" have been corrected.
  • Layers in external references now appear on the Properties toolbar.


  • Fixed block selection when block is coincident with a line.
  • Files created with the WBLOCK command save preview images now.


  • DIMFAC implemented for dimension tolerances in Dimension Settings dialog.
  • In some cases, dimension positions were incorrect; this has been fixed.


  • ASCII line text characters interpretation problem fixed.
  • In some cases entering multiple DTEXT entities resulted in only the last entity being created; this has been fixed.

View drawings

  • Zoom Extents fixed to work properly in drawings with proxy entities.
  • Fixed viewing inconsistencies when zooming in and out in paperspace.
  • Fixed viewing inconsistencies when undoing changes made in paperspace, if model space has a view twist applied.
  • Anonymous blocks did not display properly in some cases; this has been fixed.
  • Block attributes now display properly during drag operations.
  • Significant performance increase for toolbar controls when running certain LISP and SDS routines.


  • IntelliCAD no longer changes the current directory after loading a printer configuration file.
  • Fixed print preview and printing of specific attributes.
  • Print Preview now displays print offsets correctly.
  • Drawings print correctly with 1 to 1 scale.


  • COM: Fixed problem canceling an active command.
  • COM: Layouts can no longer be assigned a duplicate name.
  • COM: Plotmanager.setpapersize, Plotmanager.Getpapersize, and Points.Add now work properly.
  • LISP: Using the Lisp entity snap nearest function in a drawing with an XREF underlay containing an empty MTEXT entity, IntelliCAD no longer hangs.
  • LISP: Implemented RGB color support for the CHPROP and CHANGE commands.
  • LISP: LISP environment settings are preserved per drawing when opening additional drawings.
  • DCL: problem with dlg_slide_image fixed.

Other fixes

  • Specific drawing was unable to load as an external reference until fixed text height was set to 0.
  • Full color persists for layers after turning layers on and off.

  • Hiding three-dimensional entities could fail inside viewports.
  • Entities with Xdata attached can now be trimmed and edited properly.
  • IntersectWith now works properly with ray entities.
  • AUDIT works properly for drawings that contain external references.
  • Regions created from polylines that contain arc segments are exploded correctly.
  • Fixed crash after using CTRL+V after UNDO.
  • Fixed problem when running a command and switching between two drawings.
  • Fixed trimming a circle at very large coordinates.
  • WIPEOUT command fixed to better hide lines.
  • Fixed crash when undoing the deletion of certain proxy entities.
  • Fixed problem inserting a block containing a wipeout.
  • Linking problem fixed for entities with a hyperlink assigned.
  • Problem with loading hatches fixed.
  • Search path order for finding drawings fixed.
  • Snapping to a point twice no longer causes crash.
  • TABLET command allows non-interactive input and wrapping of tablet calibration and other routines.
  • Significant startup performance improvement when digitizer is installed but disconnected.
  • Improved hatch stability for certain complex boundary conditions.


Technical notes

Crash handler

IntelliCAD now has crash handler capabilities using the error reporting systems from Adeko and Microsoft.

Language packs

Ten language translations are available for portions of the IntelliCAD user interface. The language translations do not cover all of the software, but they provide a starting point when implementing various language packages.

Previous IntelliCAD(R) 6.4 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 6.4 was released 7/25/2007.


New features

Work with the newest DWG 2007 format

IntelliCAD supports the updated DWG 2007 format, including 2008 object support, by opening, printing, and saving new entity types, such as annotations, and recognizing new system variables.

Use new and enhanced system variables

Changed system variables include: ACADVER and DIMSCALE.



Important fixes

Open and save files

  • Corrupted drawings containing more than one Layer 0 are now recovered correctly.

Raster images (IntelliCAD Professional versions)

  • The Image Quality command now displays the current value.


  • Aborting a hatch boundary selection could cause IntelliCAD to crash.
  • Some hatch patterns could change scale on save; this has been fixed.


  • All print settings were not always saved correctly for each layout; this has been fixed.


  • Attributes must now be included when selecting a block with a window selection.

  • The Blocks Explorer no longer fails when displaying blocks with complex proxy objects.


  • The Dimension Settings dialog now shows the proper color for dimension line color.


  • In some cases new OLE objects only displayed the object frame and not the contents; this has been fixed.

  • In some cases you could get graphics garbage/noise when dragging selections; this has been fixed.
  • In some cases elliptical arcs with non-normalized start and end angles did not save correctly, causing the display to change. This has been fixed.


  • TWF positioning files are now used correctly for images.
  • 600 DPI black and white images now print correctly.

ACIS and 3D solids

  • 3D Array now works properly for ACIS 3D solid objects.
  • Arcs are now created with correct start and end angles when regions are exploded.
  • Some crashes in rendering or performing hide on ACIS 3D solids have been resolved.
  • ACIS entity-specific colors added by other applications (not IntelliCAD) could be lost on save; this has been corrected.


  • Sds_bbox now properly supports nested blocks.
  • The 'click' button callback was added for the radio buttons group.
  • Added support for ADS functions that create, edit, and remove dictionaries.

More fixes

  • The Model tab no longer brings up the rename dialog when you double-click it.
  • The Layout command line interface is now compatible with AutoCAD scripts.

  • Layer table extension dictionaries were not always saved correctly; this has been fixed.
  • Viewpoint and other commands that change the view in 3D are no longer supported in paperspace.

  • Changing an attribute's justification no longer changes its insertion point to 0,0.

  • Improved handling for drawings that contain multi-byte text and filenames.

  • Added callbacks for DCL radio buttons.

  • Extending curved polyline entities no longer causes random crashes.
  • Architectural Desktop door proxy objects now display properly in plan view.

  • Tangent snap now works properly for xline and ray entities.

  • Some mline entities could lose breaks or end caps on save; this has been fixed.


Previous IntelliCAD(R) 6.3 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 6.3 was released 2/16/2007.


New features

Work with DWG 2007 files

IntelliCAD supports opening, modifying, printing, and saving drawings in DWG 2007 format. The DWG 2007 format is now the default format in which IntelliCAD drawings are saved.

Create and edit color books

Now you can create and edit color books, which help you organize collections of colors, right from IntelliCAD.

Work with images

IntelliCAD Professional version includes enhanced imaging features to help you work with images in your drawings. Working with images is similar as in previous IntelliCAD versions, with easy-to-use features located on the Image menu in IntelliCAD.

Use new layout viewport features

There are several new features for layout viewports:

  • Snap to model space entities from paper space.
  • Lock layout viewports to lock the model space view or location while panning or zooming in paper space.
  • Assign a unique UCS to a layout viewport.

Manage character sets for drawings

IntelliCAD allows you to manage which character set is assigned to a drawing. This unique feature can be very helpful when sharing or distributing drawings in geographic regions where several languages are used that require different character sets to display text properly.

Reverse the zoom direction of the mouse wheel

Instead of zooming in and out by moving the mouse wheel forward and backward, you can reverse the settings to zoom in when spinning the mouse wheel backward and zoom out when spinning the wheel forward. This can be especially helpful if you use the mouse with your left hand.

Use new and enhanced system variables




Important fixes


  • Improved performance and reduced screen flickers while using dynamic zoom and pan in paper space.
  • Raster image performance has been improved greatly for both large image files and many other image files.
  • A large memory leak with handling complex meshes was removed.

Open and save files

  • IntelliCAD uses the new DWGdirect 2.2 libraries.
  • When opening drawings, external references now display properly in the drawing preview.
  • Several improvements were made to auditing and recovering corrupt drawing files.

Export files

  • When exporting a drawing to a PDF file, paper size enhancements allow you to select from a list of standard paper sizes, specify a custom size, and choose millimeters or inches for the paper size.
  • When exporting a drawing to a PDF file, the drawing is now centered properly and exports to the correct size and units.

Raster images (IntelliCAD Professional versions)

  • Some raster image types would lose their paths after saving or reloading; this has been fixed.
  • RTDISPLAY is now supported for raster images.
  • The 280 group code for an image entity now roundtrips properly.
  • The Image command is now disabled when no drawing is active.
  • The Image dialog box settings are no longer lost when switching between active images in the list box.
  • Previewing images is faster for very large image files.
  • Mirrored images properly display in the Image Manager.

COM API calls (IntelliCAD Professional versions)

  • Adeko raster images can now be inserted via the COM API.
  • You can now properly iterate, rename, and delete layouts via the COM API.
  • The COM API now checks that layout names are using valid characters.
  • You can no longer open the VBA IDE when no drawing is active.
  • Text created with the COM API now respects the width and other properties associated with the text style.
  • The Boolean UNION COM API interface now properly deletes original input entities.
  • When a corrupt file is opened via the COM API, an exception is thrown to indicate a problem.
  • The objects, properties, and events in the following table have been updated or added to the COM application program interface.






















































































  • The DIMOVERRIDE command now works properly via the LISP (command) function.


  • IntelliCAD no longer intermittently crashes when editing MTEXT.
  • The -STYLE command properly handles style names that contain spaces.
  • IntelliCAD no longer intermittently crashes when using the Text toolbar to change text styles.


  • Print preview of mirrored text is now correct when MIRRTEXT is 0.
  • IntelliCAD versions built with Visual Studio 2003 could hang when exiting the Print Preview command; this has been fixed.
  • Entities with the property BYBLOCK (but not contained in blocks) are printed properly.
  • The default lineweight for print style tables is now set to Use Entity Lineweight.
  • The Print and Print Preview commands now support wipeout frames.
  • In some cases attributes did not properly appear in the Print Preview window; this has been fixed.

Blocks and external references

  • The External Reference command now remembers the previous path specified.
  • Some nested blocks and external references did not display properly when SORTENTS was enabled; this has been fixed.
  • Block entities now support the LWDEFAULT value correctly.
  • In some cases IntelliCAD would crash when using COPYCLIP on external reference entities; this has been fixed.
  • In some cases IntelliCAD would crash when using WBLOCK on external reference or block entities; this has been fixed.
  • The Insert command now defaults to search a block's path specified in the Options dialog box on the Paths tab.


  • You can now snap to entities in model space from paper space.
  • The Plan command now works properly with layout viewports (MVIEWs).
  • In some cases IntelliCAD would display the wrong layout viewport when multiple layout viewports were active; this has been fixed.
  • In some cases a corrupt layout viewport could be created when viewport entities were deleted; this has been fixed.


  • Dimensions in layout viewports that snap to model space geometry no longer lose associativity upon UPDATE.


  • Improvements were made to draworder for blocks, external references, hatching, and text.
  • Wipeout entities properly support draworder.

Circle entities

  • The Tangent-Tangent-Tangent option is now available for circle creation.
  • The Tangent Snap cursor is properly displayed while creating a circle using the Radius-Tangent-Tangent option.


  • Tolerance plus and minus symbols and diameter symbols now display correctly in Japanese versions of IntelliCAD.
  • On some displays the layer control on the Properties toolbar could react to clicks outside of the control; this has been fixed.\
  • OLE objects display correctly when WBLOCKed to a new drawing file.

Entity selection

  • Selection for overlapping block entities has been improved.
  • OLE objects can now be selected with a crossing window.
  • Using Shift+click to select entities for editing in the Properties dialog box no longer intermittently disables selection until IntelliCAD is restarted.

Entity snaps

  • You can now properly press Tab to cycle through entity snaps.
  • IntelliCAD no longer intermittently goes into an infinite loop when trying to snap to complex NURBS curves.

More fixes

  • You can now create a CFrameWnd window from an SDS DLL when building with Visual Studio 2003.
  • IntelliCAD no longer crashes during the cancellation of a Text Style or Dimension Style in the IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • Localization problems with the Linetype toolbar control have been resolved.
  • Scrolling on the status bar layer control has been enabled.
  • The Fillet command works properly on lines with different linetypes.
  • The OK button in the Boundary dialog box is properly enabled.
  • Exploding a block or region with varying positive and negative scale factors no longer causes arc segments inside the block to lose their proper starting and ending angles.
  • The PASTECLIP command now allows you to specify an insertion point.
  • Some alerts and message boxes were not proper child windows of IntelliCAD, which were causing some contextual problems; this has been fixed.
  • Some entities could lose extended entity data during mirror and copy operations; this has been fixed.
  • Using the Offset command on self intersecting polylines produces improved results.
  • Grip editing of certain entities now properly updates extended entity 3D coordinate data (group codes 1011, 1021, 1031).
  • ATTDEF entities now properly keep their alignment during roundtrip.
  • IntelliCAD works properly now when using the BHATCH command and a specified hatch pattern does not exist.
  • The command bar can now accept and display multi-byte characters.
  • The OBSCUREDCOLOR and OBSCUREDLTYPE system variables now roundtrip properly.
  • Several enhancement were made to improve user profiles.
  • RTPAN now works properly in paperspace when RTSKIPCOUNT is set to a value other than 0.
  • WBLOCK now properly supports wipeout entities.
  • Reloading the same linetype several times no longer causes an infinite loop.
  • The prompt box now displays for the main Line, Circle, Arc, and Polygon commands when they are activated from the toolbar.

Technical notes

Operating systems

IntelliCAD has passed initial tests while running on an early version of the Microsoft® Windows® Vista™ operating system. Because IntelliCAD is still in the preliminary stages of providing full support of the Vista operating system, the following conditions must be met: log in to Vista as Administrator and disable User Access Control (UAC). Preliminary testing revealed that IntelliCAD may run up to two times slower, and even slower when using the Aero interface. To improve performance, it is recommended that you disable the Aero interface. For more details about whether your computer is ready for Windows Vista, go to

Working with DWG 2007 files

The DWGCHECK feature in AutoCAD 2007 can cause a message to appear when a user opens IntelliCAD files in AutoCAD 2007. The message states that the file to be opened was created with an application other than AutoCAD.

Hiding 3D geometry in layout viewports

In some instances, 3D geometry is not hidden correctly when using the Hide command in layout viewports (the display may be distorted). Before using the Hide command, set the UCSs on the Model and Layout tabs to World so that the results of the Hide command are correct.

Overriding dimension arrowheads

Dimensions created in Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2007 that have dimension style overrides for arrowhead variables dimblk, dimblk1, dimblk2, or dimldrblk can lose the overrides if edited in IntelliCAD.

SDS Development

SDS DLLs built with earlier versions of IntelliCAD are not binary compatible with IntelliCAD 6.3. You will need to rebuild your SDS applications using the IntelliCAD 6.3 sds.lib and sds.h files.

Certain command names removed

The following command names are obsolete and have been removed from IntelliCAD: REDIT, RASTERIN, -RASTERIN, and RCLIP. Their corresponding command names are: IMAGE, IMAGEATTACH, -IMAGEATTACH, and IMAGECLIP.


Previous IntelliCAD(R) 6.2 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 6.2 was released on 4/27/2006.


New features

Assign true colors and color book colors

You’ve always been able to add color to your drawings using index colors, but now you use two new color features:

  • True colors — Defined using 24-bit color, there are more than 16 million true colors from which you can choose.
  • Color books — Defined with a list of colors, color books help you organize collections of colors. For example, you can store a unique color scheme in a color book for a client and then use colors only from that color book for the client’s drawings.

Work with raster images using ADeko Raster

IntelliCAD Professional version includes new raster imaging software to help you work with images in your drawings. Working with raster images is similar to previous IntelliCAD versions, with easy-to-use features located on the Image menu in IntelliCAD.

Export to PDF and 3D DWF format

You can export drawings to two new formats:

  • PDF — Portable Document Format files allow you to distribute your drawing to others for viewing with Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®, which is free software that users can download, and for viewing, reviewing, and editing with Adobe® Acrobat.
  • 3D DWF — 3D Design Web Format files can be viewed in a Web browser if Autodesk® DWF Viewer is also installed on the computer. DWF Viewer is a free tool from Autodesk® that always supported viewing 2D DWF files, but now supports viewing DWF files in three dimensions.

Use entity snaps

When using the extension option with Intersection Snap and Apparent Intersection Snap, IntelliCAD draws dashed extension lines to help guide you as you use the extension snap option.

If you are working in the command bar, you can modify the active command by typing m2p or mtp to enable a one-time snap to the midpoint of two points that you specify.

Edit text in the command line

The command bar and Prompt History window include enhanced text editing, including cutting, copying, and pasting text; copying the last command line or the entire command history; and repeating a previously executed command.

Create wipeout entities

Wipeouts are unique entities that can help you hide areas of your drawing. They display with the current background color, so the details behind the wipeout do not display or print. However, if your version of IntelliCAD does not include raster image capability (that is, does not include an Image menu), wipeout entities display, but the details behind the wipeouts also display.

Create audio notes from existing *.wav files

In addition to recording audio notes in IntelliCAD and attaching them to entities, you can now create audio notes from existing *.wav files. Audio notes created from an existing *.wav file are saved in the drawing file and the separate *.wav file remains unchanged.

View thumbnails of drawings

When you open or save a drawing, drawing files can be displayed in a number of ways, including by filename with or without the additional details. Now you can also view thumbnail images of drawing files.

You can also view thumbnail images when you browse drawing files on your computer using programs that came with your operating system, such as Windows® File Explorer or My Computer.

Use new and enhanced system variables


Enhanced system variables include: CECOLOR and SNAPCOLOR.


Important fixes


  • In some cases IntelliCAD improperly clipped block sub-entities and they did not display.
  • The display of Chinese characters has improved due to better handling of double-byte characters.
  • The handling of visibility flags on attributes is improved.
  • Sub-entities in blocks properly support the display of lineweights.
  • Dimensions from earlier DWG versions are not translated to new locations when a drawing is opened.
  • Clipping is improved for overlapping viewports.
  • Mview viewports saved as "Off" in IntelliCAD do not display as "On" in Autodesk® AutoCAD®.
  • Draworder has been greatly improved for entities within blocks and external references.
  • Draworder is properly retained for edited entities (Copy, Block, Move, etc.).

Open and save files

  • IntelliCAD uses the new DWGdirect 1.14.02 libraries.
  • IntelliCAD properly saves binary extended entity data.
  • Extended entity data on group objects and view entities is saved properly.
  • Corrupted or missing plot styles do not prevent entities from being saved.
  • New actions are taken to help prevent data corruption when opening and saving drawings. If necessary, additional error messages display.
  • Opening files includes general performance improvements.
  • IntelliCAD saves the active drawing first (rather than non-active drawings first) when multiple files are open and IntelliCAD is closed.

COM API calls (IntelliCAD Professional versions)

IntelliCAD now uses the 6.4 VBA SDK version.

Print parameters can be set correctly through the COM API.

The objects, methods, and properties in the following table have been updated or added to the COM application program interface.


Methods Properties










Dictionaries Collection





Entity Objects (all)






Groups Collection
























Dialog Control Language (DCL)

  • DCL list boxes and DCL images display the proper height.
  • DCL list boxes handle truncation correctly.


  • When associative hatches are erased, their boundaries are no longer erased with them.
  • Direction on ellipses and elliptical arcs are not changed when the drawing is saved, which had previously caused issues when these entities were used as hatch boundaries.
  • The Bhatch command can use entities inside a block as a boundary edge.
  • User-defined hatch patterns do not have their base point reset when the drawing is saved.
  • Non-associative hatches do not display as associative in the Hatch dialog box.
  • The Bhatch dialog box and the HPASSOC system variable are now synchronized.


  • Text and MText now support the display of UNICODE characters.
  • The justification and display of TrueType fonts is improved.
  • Text is no longer modified when opening and closing the DDEdit dialog box.
  • IntelliCAD does not crash when adjusting the ruler in the Mtext dialog box.
  • The Mtext dialog box displays with the current background color and all text colors appear the same as in the drawing.
  • Vertical text grip point and direction now more closely match AutoCAD.
  • Mtext paragraph tab justification is improved and more closely matches AutoCAD.
  • Formatted text pasted from Excel appears formatted correctly in IntelliCAD.
  • Font mapping includes general improvements.
  • Diameter symbols display properly in Mtext.
  • Mtext supports the Explode command.
  • Stack text diagonally (\S1#2).


  • Transparent zooms do not disable the current selection.
  • Entity snaps can be used to specify points for a Zoom window.
  • The Zoom command properly finds the extents of dimension entities.
  • Although the Dynamic Zoom option was available previously, it is now located in the list of command options and in the menus.

Print features

  • IntelliCAD properly prints lineweights less than 2 millimeters.
  • Dot hatch patterns print correctly and display in the Print Preview window correctly.
  • IntelliCAD opens CTB and STB print style table files created in AutoCAD 2005 and 2006.
  • IntelliCAD handles corrupted CTB and STB print style table files better.
  • Canceling the Print Preview window no longer closes IntelliCAD.

ACIS and 3D solids

IntelliCAD uses the new ACIS R15 SP3 libraries.


IntelliCAD uses the latest DaVinci Rendering 5.6.4 libraries.


  • The Offset command includes better handling of polylines that have a large number of vertices close together (that is, short distances between vertices).
  • The Offset command trims degenerate parts when the resulting curve self-intersects.

Support for Trim and Extend commands

  • General improvements were made to handle complex cases for the Trim and Extend commands.
  • Ray entities support the Trim command.
  • Dimension entities support the Trim and Extend commands.
  • Wipeouts support the Trim and Extend commands.
  • Image entities support the Trim and Extend commands.
  • Polyline entities have improved support for the Trim and Extend commands.


  • Mviews that are turned off are properly supported.
  • Mview group 90 codes are saved properly.


The IntelliCAD installer has been completely re-written with InstallShield 10.5.

More fixes

  • Layouts do not disappear when they are renamed.
  • Performance has been increased 8X when inserting drawings with large polyface meshes.
  • Chamfers can be created between lightweight polyline and line entities.
  • The New Drawing Wizard does not create multiple files when Finish is clicked multiple times.
  • Toolbars are no longer moved from their previous position during IntelliCAD startup.
  • Mlines can be exploded properly.
  • The Undo stack is not corrupted while scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  • When a parent drawing is saved, linetypes are not changed to Continuous in external references.
  • Header and footer controls in the Options dialog box show correct data.
  • Dimension values do not change when copying and pasting from one drawing to another drawing.
  • The Area command computes the area correctly.
  • Proxy entities can be deleted.
  • The Hide and Shade commands work properly in perspective view.
  • IntelliCAD no longer randomly hangs when the focus switches to another application while changing the drawing settings.
  • IntelliCAD no longer crashes when snapping to the intersection of nested block entities.
  • IntelliCAD no longer hangs when the vertically docked command bar is minimized.
  • IntelliCAD no longer randomly crashes after browsing linetypes in IntelliCAD Explorer.
  • Many memory leaks have been fixed, including large leaks when handling meshes.


Technical notes

Importing 3D DWF files not supported

While you can export a drawing to 3D DWF format, you cannot import 3D DWF files. If you attempt to import a 3D DWF file, the drawing in IntelliCAD will be blank. Importing 3D DWF files is unsupported at this time.

2D DWF files may produce errors

If you open or audit a 2D DWF file, you may receive error messages or the file may become unusable. The ability to work with 2D DWF files is still under development.

Wipeout entities print as filled polygons

Wipeout entities print as polygons filled with the same color as the current background color. In some cases this may cause unexpected print results, for example, if printing on colored paper.


Previous IntelliCAD(R) 6.1 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 6.1 was released on 9/5/2005.


New features

Create rendered images

IntelliCAD uses new and enhanced rendering features to create higher-quality and more photo-realistic images of models.

Both IntelliCAD Standard and IntelliCAD Professional include the new rendering solution, while some versions provide additional rendering capabilities with a complete set of materials, backgrounds, lighting options, and render settings.

Format text

New formatting features are available when you enter text using Insert > Multiline Text. You can specify text color, first line indents, paragraph indents, right indents, and tabs.

Attach and record audio

IntelliCAD provides the unique ability to record audio notes, which are sound clips attached to entities and available for playback at any time. For example, audio notes in a factory floor plan can describe maintenance activities for specific areas of the factory and employees can play the audio notes to hear instructions.

Work with 3D solids

In addition to slicing and sectioning solids, you can now slice regions and bodies (typically sheets). This feature is available if your IntelliCAD version supports editing ACIS solids.

Use entity snaps

You can now snap to hatch patterns when using entity snaps:

  • Snap to the middle points and end points of hatch pattern lines.
  • Snap to the nearest point and perpendicular point on a hatch pattern line.
  • Snap to any intersection point or apparent intersection point where the pattern line intersects with other entities that are supported by entity snaps.

Use new system variables

New system variables include: AUDIOICON, AUDIOICONCOLOR, and AUDIOICONSCALE.


Important fixes

Multiline text

  • The text height for multiline text is saved correctly now when exiting the MTEXT command dialog box.
  • The formatting for the MTEXT command (Bold, Italic, and Underline) now works correctly.
  • You can now use both begin and end curly braces appropriately with the MTEXT command.

  • MTEXT entities can now be used as a cutting edge with the TRIM command.

Entity snaps

  • Extended intersection snap now works properly.
  • IntelliCAD snaps are no longer stuck on a single location and they no longer require that the snap be reset.


  • When moving hatches, any associated boundaries move with the hatch.
  • The ARRAY, ARRAY3D, MIRROR, and MIRROR3D commands now work with hatch entities.
  • Hatch scale is saved correctly.
  • Solid hatches utilize all spline knot boundaries correctly. This also fixed minor problems with the display of Kanji characters.
  • If a hatch entity has the same name as a hatch pattern in the ICAD.PAT file but contains a different definition, that entity's hatch definition is no longer redefined on save.
  • Hatch entities work better with the CHANGE and ENTPROP commands.
  • Enhanced performance when working with dense hatch patterns, including patterns that are too dense to display.
  • Dynamic dragging is approximately five times faster when dragging inserted blocks that contain hatch entities.


  • User-defined complex linetype patterns are now saved and displayed properly.
  • IntelliCAD now works properly when multiple linetypes are imported at the same time.

Print features

  • User-defined print style tables are now saved in C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Print Styles per Microsoft® Windows® logo requirements.
  • The Print Style file name dialog box now disallows invalid file names.
  • Long file names are now visible in the Print Style Table Editor dialog box.
  • The options on the Printing tab found in Tools > Options are now unavailable when no drawings are open.
  • IntelliCAD now works properly when print style settings cannot be detected.

ACIS and 3D solids

ACIS primitives are created with the current color setting now (not always BYLAYER).

Match properties

The MATCHPROP command copies the polyline width if all segments of the source polyline are the same width.

Entity properties

  • The ENTPROP command allows you to change the width of a polyline correctly.
  • Relative paths now work properly for entity hyperlinks.


  • Zoom Extents calculates the view correctly when entities are extended outside of the current view.
  • You can view changes made with DVIEW without an additional REGEN.
  • OLE objects remain visible even when links are broken.
  • Dynamic mouse wheel zoom centers the zoom properly on the cursor location when using multiple monitors.

  • All nested MINSERT entities now display properly.

  • VPLAYER freeze now works properly for entities in paper space.
  • Constant, invisible attributes now display properly when ATTDISP is ON.
  • IntelliCAD consistently displays lineweights in model space viewports.
  • Previously, if IntelliCAD could not properly display a single entity within a block, it would not display any of the remaining entities within the block definition. Remaining block entities now display when a single block entity cannot properly be displayed (for example, if a HATCH entity was too dense to display).

Command bar

  • The performance of command bar line scrolling has been greatly improved.
  • The command bar no longer randomly displays duplicate entries.
  • The command bar stores its size correctly if you vertically resize it.

API calls

  • Entmod will now correctly create and display attribute entities.
  • VBA Select method works correctly in IntelliCAD for large selections.

More fixes

  • IntelliCAD Explorer works correctly when deleting dimension styles or text styles.
  • Block definitions are added to the block table when a block insert is cancelled.
  • The AREA command correctly reports the perimeter (not the circumference) of spline entities.
  • XCLIP boundaries are no longer deleted when saving drawings.

  • Performing certain operations on selected WIPEOUT entities now works correctly.

  • Extrude works properly on entities created with the RETANGLE command.

  • SOLID entities now properly honor entity color when DXF files are imported into IntelliCAD.
  • The Load/Unload status (DXF group code 280) of image definitions is now saved properly.
  • Grip selected entities can now be unselected by using the shift key (shift-pick, shift-window, shift-crossing).
  • IntelliCAD includes improved handling of the sortents table when it contains references to deleted entities.
  • Exploded blocks with a negative scale factor in one axis no longer rotate ellipse entities incorrectly.


Technical notes

Infrequent crash due to operating system memory leaks

If you are using the Windows(R) XP operating system, creating very complex drawings during a single IntelliCAD session may cause IntelliCAD to crash. This is because Windows XP leaks a small amount of memory each time you use certain IntelliCAD commands. If you use many of these commands (for example, drawing about 2,000 lines) during a single IntelliCAD session, IntelliCAD can crash.

Most users do not experience problems caused by these memory leaks. However, if you do experience problems, consider installing the hotfix available from Microsoft. For more information, go to:;en-us;Q319740


Previous IntelliCAD(R) 6.0 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 6.0 was released on 5/3/2005.


New features

Utilize performance enhancements

Feature Performance increase

True Type Fonts


4X (400%)
7X (700%)


50X (5000%)

Zoom extents

7X (700%)
10X (1000%)
7X (700%)

Hatch Patterns

50X (5000%)

LISP Performance

10X (1000%)
Symbol table search

7X (700%)
7X (700%)
Model space
Block display
Paper space

4X (400%)
4X (400%)
4X (400%)
3X (300%)

Assign print style tables

The following printing features have greatly enhanced your flexibility and control over the printing process:

  • Previously you could use the PenMap/Width mapping to associate colors with specific pen widths on your printer. New print style tables allow you to still specify color-based settings, but also allow you to specify pen widths, linetypes, and lineweight regardless of color.
  • Print style tables (.ctb and .stb files) are stored in files; you can share the files across multiple drawing files or with other users.
  • Print style tables affect numerous existing features, including: New Drawing and New Drawing Wizard; Properties and Entity Properties toolbar; Change; IntelliCAD Explorer (Layers); Drawing Settings > Entity Creation tab; Status bar; Options > Paths/Files tab; Options > Printing tab; and Print > Advanced tab.

There are also several new commands for print style tables: Print Style (printstyle), Print Styles Manager (stylesmanager), Convert Drawing Print Style Tables (convertpstyles), and Convert CTB Print Style Table (convertctb).

Manage external references

Attaching and working with external references is now easier with the new Xref Manager. You can view a detailed list of the referenced drawing, or you can view a hierarchical display that shows how drawings are nested and related to one another. Quickly attach, detach, reload, bind, open, and change the path for all external references in the current drawing.

The Xref Manager allows you to use the same external reference features as in previous versions of IntelliCAD, but in a more efficient manner.

Work with 3D solids

IntelliCAD Standard version now supports viewing and limited editing of 3D solids, including moving, rotating, and scaling. IntelliCAD Professional version still allows you to create and more completely edit 3D solids.

Use entity snaps

The existing Intersection Snap has a new Extended option, which snaps to the logical location where two entities would intersect if they were of infinite length.

The new Apparent Intersection Snap tool snaps to the intersection of two entities that are not in the same plane but seem to intersect in the current view. You can also use its Extended option, which snaps to the logical location where two entities would intersect if they were of infinite length.

Customize more options

The following features are new to the Tools > Options dialog box:

  • General tab — Set the default save format. Specify how drawings are opened.
    Paths/Files tab Specify search paths for print style tables.
  • Display tab — Use Up/Down arrows in the command history. Show or hide the Model and Layout tabs. Show or hide scroll bars.
    Profiles tab Create and manage drawing environment profiles.
  • Printing tab — Specify headers and footers for all drawings. Assign default print style table settings for new drawings.

Save and restore drawing environment profiles

Customize the settings that control your drawing environment, and then save and restore those settings in a profile. For example, if you prefer working with custom menus and toolbars, you can save these settings as your own profile.

Profiles can be helpful if you have multiple users with different preferences, or if you are a single user who works on various projects that require unique settings. You can even export your profile and bring it with you when you work on a different computer.

Navigate model space and paper space

Use the enhanced Model/Paper Space control in the status bar to switch more efficiently between model space and paper space on either the Model tab or a Layout tab.

You can also change the display of the Model and Layout tabs in the following ways:

  • Show or hide the Model and Layout tabs.
  • Reorder the position of the Layout tabs.

Work in the command bar

In the command bar, you can do the following:

  • Select text, and then right-click to copy, cut, and paste.
  • Press Ctrl + K and Ctrl + L to move forward and backward in the command history.
  • Use the Up and Down arrows to scroll the command history, if enabled by choosing Tools > Options.

Choose single IntelliCAD sessions

Use the new Single Session command (type singleton) to choose whether IntelliCAD can be started one time or multiple times simultaneously.

Use new system variables


Previous IntelliCAD(R) 5.1 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 5.1 was released on 1/12/2005.


Important fixes

Open files

  • Fixed a problem with opening files with complex linetypes.
  • Fixed problems with entity ordering on drawing load.

Save files

  • When saving a file DWGdirect was using the wrong set of color indices which cause the value of CColor in the drawing header to be wrong.
  • Fixed a problem where saving a drawing with an image resulted in the image not being saved in the output file.
  • Fixed a problem with dimensions seeming to move on save.
  • Fixed a problem with saving files with complex linetypes.
  • Fixed a problem with saving solid hatches.
  • Fixed problems with layouts not being saved properly.
  • Fixed problems with non-plan view images not being saved properly.
  • Fixed problems with binary data in external references not being saved properly.
  • Fixed problems with hatch scale not being saved properly.


  • SORTENTSTABLES not longer created when they should not be.
  • Empty SORTENTSTABLES are no longer created when they do exist and are not empty.
    Other fixes

Other fixes

  • IntelliCAD no longer crashes when using BHATCH/Select Area.
  • DWG files can now be exported to SVG format.
  • Fixed crash when editing or trimming heavy (pre-R14) polylines.
  • Changed all project settings to use the same common language runtime.
  • Fixed random crashes that occurred when moving the mouse during viewport creation.
  • Fixed a problem with external references in model space viewports not respecting VPLayer frozen layer settings.


Previous IntelliCAD(R) 5 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 5 was released on 10/24/2004.


New features

Navigate with the Model and Layout tabs

New tabs located at the bottom of the drawing area allow you to switch how you view your drawing.

Use the new Model tab to create your drawing. When you are ready to print, you can optionally use one or more Layout tabs to design how you want your drawing to look when it prints on paper.

While working on a Layout tab, you can still view and work with your drawing on the Model tab, but you can also add items for printing, such as a title block or legend, that do not appear on the Model tab. When you are ready to view and work with only the model again, simply click the Model tab.

Apply lineweights

The width of entities in your drawing can be controlled with the new lineweight feature. You can assign lineweights to entities and layers, and you can also specify whether they display or print.

Work with files

There are many new file formats supported for opening, saving, and exporting files.

You can now open these additional files:

  • Design Web Format™ (.dwf) files. DWF™ files allow you to distribute your drawing to others to view in a Web browser, review, and edit using free Autodesk® software and tools.
  • AutoCAD 2004 drawing (.dwg) files.
  • Drawing (.dwg) files that you suspect are damaged.
  • Drawing template (.dwt) files.

In addition to recovering drawing files that you suspect are damaged, you can also audit files to check for errors.

You can also save to these additional file formats:

  • AutoCAD 2004 drawing (.dwg) files.
  • Drawing template (.dwt) files.

You can now export to these additional file formats:

  • Design Web Format (.dwf) files.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) file format, which is a graphics file format and Web development language.
  • In addition to the various new file formats that are supported, you can also drag-and-drop drawings from Web sites that support the Autodesk® i-drop® technology.

Reorder entities

When multiple entities overlap, you can change the order in which they display. Choose Tools > Draw Order to move entities to the front, back, or on top or below of another entity.

Use updated toolbars

You can now choose dimension styles from the Dimensioning toolbar.

When you modify the properties of entities in your drawing, you can use the new Entity Properties toolbar for your editing needs. Use the toolbar to access these features:

  • Set layer by entity
  • Set layers and access the IntelliCAD Explorer
  • Select colors
  • Select linetypes
  • Select lineweights

Use keyboard and mouse shortcuts

You can use the following keyboard and mouse shortcuts:

  • PAN: Ctrl + Shift + Hold down right mouse button.

  • ZOOM IN AND OUT: Ctrl + Shift + Hold down left mouse button.

  • ROTATE VIEW ABOUT Z-AXIS: Ctrl + Alt + Hold down right mouse button.

  • ROTATE VIEW IN 3D ORBIT: Ctrl + Alt + Hold down left mouse button.

  • ENTITY SNAP SETTINGS: Shift + Click right mouse button.

After selecting entities, you can move the cursor over the entities and do any of the following:

  • MOVE: Hold down left mouse button and drag to new location.

  • COPY AND MOVE: Ctrl + Hold down left mouse button and drag to new location.

  • SHORTCUT MENU: Click right mouse button to select from a list of various commands that are related to the entity selection.

Use new system variables


Important fixes


IntelliCAD 5 includes various fixes, including the following:

  • Improved solid modeling.
  • Improved performance and stability.

Previous IntelliCAD(R) 4 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 4 was released on 3/14/2003.


New features

Multiple layouts

In paper space, you can use multiple layouts for different paper sizes and settings.

Unicode characters

IntelliCAD now supports the Unicode character encoding standard, which enables you to display and write text in different languages using different letters.

Enhanced block insertion

Using IntelliCAD Explorer, you can insert blocks from any open drawing into another open drawing.

New system variables


Important fixes


IntelliCAD 4 includes various fixes, including the following:

  • Improvements to ACIS solid modeling.
  • Improvements to complex linetypes.
  • Improvements to multiline text.

  • Improvements to lightweight polylines.
  • Improvements to display engine.

  • Improvements to the memory model.

Previous IntelliCAD(R) 2001 v3.3 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 2001 v3.3 was released on 7/19/2002.


New features


IntelliCAD 2001 v3.3 now supports the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

Important fixes

DWG format

  • Improved support for DWG 2000 and DWG 2002 format files.


  • Substantial stability improvements in the overall code with over 1,000 improvements in memory management.
  • Performance improvements with regen/redraw.

Print drawings

  • Print settings were improved.

More fixes

  • Better handling of TrueType fonts.
  • Better handling of entity snaps and complex linetype creation.
  • Fixes are included in the area of "buffer-overrun" errors.
  • Complex linetypes fixed.
  • Leader arrows can be printed.
  • Flyover snapping has been improved.
  • COM API: Common dialog boxes can be accessed from within the VBA environment in IntelliCAD.

Previous IntelliCAD(R) 2001 Release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 2001 was released on 5/22/2001.


New features


IntelliCAD 2001 includes the following new features:

  • Linetype support
  • Complex linetype support
  • Display of ACIS solids
  • Dynamic viewing features


Important fixes

IntelliCAD 2001 includes key performance enhancements and fixes such as inclusion of flyover snapping and multiple undo operation.


Previous IntelliCAD(R) 2000 release by IntelliCAD Technology Consortium


IntelliCAD 2000 was released on 3/6/2000.


New features

Print drawings

Print drawings using a new streamlined Print dialog box where you can assign printer settings rather than assigning settings through a separate menu. Use PCP files and pen color mapping.

You can view your drawing before you print it using the new WYSIWYG print preview.

Use a tablet

Use stylus-based input devices using new support for digitizing tablets through the popular WinTab interface.

Important fixes


  • Improvements with real-time pan and zoom performance to speed user navigation throughout drawings.
  • Improvements in stability.

More fixes

  • You can now use XREF layer control within the VPLAYER and VISRETAIN commands.
  • Improvements with AutoCAD compatibility.
  • Boundary polygon (BPOLY) command: streamlining the placement of hatch patterns.
  • Added alternate units and tolerances in dimensioning.


Previous IntelliCAD(R) 99 Beta release by Visio Corporation


IntelliCAD release in September 1999 by Visio Corporation for the creation of the ITC.


Previous IntelliCAD(R) 98 release by Visio Corporation


First release on 4/1/1998 of the IntelliCAD technology by Visio Corporation.