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    Going for Olympic Gold

    Elxis S.A. uses 4M FINE MEP for engineering large-scale projects like Athen's Olympic Park.

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    Going for Olympic Gold

    Elxis S.A. uses 4M FINE MEP for engineering large-scale projects like Athen's Olympic Park.

Elxis S. A. adopts IntelliCAD-based 4M FINE MEP to meet their Olympic design needs

ELXIS Company, founded in 1993, works on large and complex projects, offering integrated consulting engineering services, design, supervision, project management, and technical assistance. Specializing in a wide range of mechanical engineering services, ELXIS has carried out many large and complex projects in hydraulics, industrial, transportation, energy, and electromechanical building design. Example projects include the Athens Suburb Railway, Peloponnesian Stadium, State General Archives Building, Athens Press Village, Office Towers, and many others.

ELXIS handles large-scale projects requiring the full range of building services including HVAC, sanitary, fire protection, gas networks, electrical installations, and others. They use the FINE MEP building services design suite powered by IntelliCAD for their mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design needs. "There are many reasons why we decided to use FINE MEP," said Panos Kerchoulas, president of ELXIS, "the most important being the synergistic integration of the CAD environment with an absolutely reliable calculation engine, which we have been using in our company for over 15 years."

4M's integrated MEP design suite offers efficient building design:

  • Product suite is powered by the IntelliCAD CAD platform offering powerful CAD functionality and .dwg file compatibility
  • Intelligent MEP modeling is applied directly to the real 3D building model
  • Automatic project calculations directly from the drawings
  • Advanced calculation environment based on the most reliable standards, norms, and regulations
  • Capability to handle efficiently large-scale case studies such as the Olympic projects
  • Full documentation, involving text reports and final drawings at the construction detail level
  • Compatibility with .dwg files supports document sharing among all designers and engineers involved in the design process
  • Full integration with IDEA Architectural and STRAD Structural at any stage of the building design process

IntelliCAD-based product suite shown at ITC World Meeting

The capabilities of FINE MEP were demonstrated at the 2008 IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) World Meeting in Athens, Greece. "It was a pleasure to present to the IntelliCAD community the results of our Olympic design work," commented Haralambos Kovras, Project Manager at Elxis S.A., "and get the comments and feedback from the attendees. Many were impressed to see IntelliCAD handling such large and complex models. FINE MEP is a great example of the many comprehensive vertical applications that are available on the IntelliCAD platform."