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    CAD Manufacturing Solutions

    CMS uses the IntelliCAD Development Platform to create manufacturing and fabrication solutions.

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    Driving 3D Design with IntelliCAD

    CMS licenses optional components like Artisan Rendering and Spatial's ACIS kernel to drive 3D design in IntelliCAD.

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    CMS uses the IntelliCAD Mobile Platform to get designs off the desktop and into the hands of mobile users.

IntelliCAD Handles the Load

The people behind CAD Manufacturing Systems, Inc. (CMS) have been in the CAD software industry for over three decades. Originally developing and selling the proprietary ProCADD software package, CMS now markets and sells CMS IntelliCAD, which is based on the IntelliCAD customizable CAD engine technology. And they believe in what they sell - they use CMS IntelliCAD internally for crane design and other projects.

CMS IntelliCAD users create complex drawings ranging from electrical installation diagrams to HVAC layouts. They can develop their own add-ons using CMS IntelliCAD's application programming interface (API) and take advantage of integrated add-ons such as QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing. QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing, for example, generates cost quotes and orders from a custom structured products catalog that can be linked to any sort of technical documentation including IntelliCAD drawing data.

CMS IntelliCAD is also delivered to its customers through a global network of resellers. 

Replacing proprietary CAD software with IntelliCAD technology 

When the makers of ProCADD went searching for a new way to deliver CAD software to their existing customer base, their research led them to IntelliCAD where they found an open and flexible model for delivering sophisticated CAD technology. Instead of continuing to develop and invest in their proprietary ProCADD software, their membership in the ITC allows them to profitably supply CMS IntelliCAD to both pre-existing and new customers.

Switching to CMS IntelliCAD from ProCADD allowed CMS to focus on delivering quality application solutions and support to their customers, while relying on the ITC IntelliCAD development team to deliver a high quality, high performance CAD platform.

 The IntelliCAD Platform

The ITC delivers IntelliCAD, a complete CAD development platform including source code and internal APIs for vertical application development. Commercial members such as CMS have unlimited royalty free distribution rights for delivering their IntelliCAD based products to their customers.

Partnership with the ITC also opens doors for new proprietary development. This was important criteria for CMS, who continues to develop new software that works in conjunction with IntelliCAD. With their proprietary software integrated with IntelliCAD their customers don't need to purchase a separate CAD package.

The partnership is founded on collaboration and positioned for innovation. The ITC is dedicated to the success of its members and its members are dedicated to the success of their customers.


"Royalty-free, world-wide distribution rights are important benefits of membership in the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC). Joining the ITC offered a more cost effective solution for CMS when compared with joining other CAD partner programs or continuing to develop ProCADD."

VItor Neves, CEO CMS, ITC Chairman