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    IntelliCAD: Your CAD Development Platform 

    IntelliCAD is directed by its members and provides the familiar user interface, features and flexibility you need to power complex vertical solutions development.

A CAD Platform and Development Framework

As a cooperative CAD platform, ITC members get more than just a CAD platform; they also get insight to the consortium's development process and framework. Although members can easily integrate the CAD platform into their current process, they can also review or clone the ITC agile development process and frameworks to expand their own development. The ITC development framework provides critical components for a successful agile development process: 

  • Creates and posts multiple daily automated builds
  • Performs over 25 million daily verified regression tests
  • Provides a crash reporting framework that automatically unwinds, organizes and prioritizes crash dumps
  • Provides comprehensive dashboards for presenting builds, crashes, regressions and performance test results

Members have access to the development platform and can utilize pieces of the ITC development framework or completely clone the framework for their own proprietary development.

Secure Your Market with IntelliCAD 


As for-profit CAD platforms continue to push further into the vertical markets created by their own third-party developers, all third-party developers need a safe, alternative, non-profit, cooperative CAD platform like IntelliCAD.

Why force your users to purchase a CAD engine from your competitor when you can bundle IntelliCAD and create a complete solution?

As an open, cooperative CAD platform that is directed by its members, IntelliCAD is a safe alternative for our business compared to other CAD platforms available on the market. 

Jason Poitras, General Manager MicroSurvey, ITC Secretary

Native .dwg Compatibility

IntelliCAD reads and writes .dwg files in their native format without data loss, from version 2.5 through 2018. No file translation required.

Familiar User Interface

IntelliCAD was the first AutoCAD® clone and continues today to provide a familiar command set and user interface for CAD users. Choose between the ribbon, classic pull down menus, toolbars or command line, or enable all interfaces simultaneously. Developers can easily add their complex solutions to the IntelliCAD interface or create simple applications by removing commands to create a reduced command set.

Powerful Development APIs

Extensive APIs in various languages give members the power to create custom objects, complex applications and complete vertical solutions:

  • Macro recording and replay
  • LISP
  • DCL Dialog Control Language
  • DIESEL Direct Interpretively Evaluated String Expression Language
  • COM
  • VBA Visual Basic for Applications
  • ADS/SDS for C
  • IRX IntelliCAD Runtime Extension for C++
  • TX Teigha Xtension
  • TA Teigha Architecture
  • TG Teigha DGN
  • TC Teigha Civil
  • .NET

In addition, IntelliCAD supports familiar formats for menus, toolbars and ribbon development:

  • CUI Format
  • MNU Format

Source Access

Although IntelliCAD API's provide extensive capabilities for customization, with source code access members can create solutions that are impossible on other CAD platforms.

Access to IntelliCAD source means members have millions of lines of sample code, can set up their own brand name, create multiple licensing schemes, develop OEM products for other companies, and control all functionality — even at the core.

In addition to core source access, membership also includes access to many sample applications including ArchT, a complete architectural solution for IntelliCAD.

Native 32-bit and 64-bit Architecture

IntelliCAD is available in native 64-bit (x64) or 32-bit (x84) versions. Generally, 64-bit is about 30% faster than 32-bit. Although the 64-bit version of IntelliCAD runs slightly faster, the main advantage is that all available system memory can be used to handle large drawing files. IntelliCAD 32-bit can access up to 3GB of RAM on 32-bit operating systems and up to 4GB of RAM on 64-bit operating systems.

Multi-core Support

IntelliCAD utilizes multi-core architecture so your customers can enjoy real performance improvements (1.5 to 3x faster) on multi-core machines. In addition, when running multiple instances from a server you can use system variables to determine how IntelliCAD utilizes available CPUs.



 IntelliCAD Co-op is the foundation for our civil, survey and forensic CAD applications. IntelliCAD provides a familiar CAD interface for our users and familiar development APIs for our developers. In addition to the standard APIs, IntelliCAD Co-op provides complete source access at the core level that has enabled new solutions we could not create on any other CAD platform.

Jason Poitras, General Manager MicroSurvey, ITC Secretary