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    A Firm Foundation for BIM

    4M uses IntelliCAD Co-op as a foundation for its  Building Information Modeling solutions.

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    A Firm Foundation for BIM

    4M uses IntelliCAD Co-op as a foundation for its  Building Information Modeling solutions.

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    Elxis S.A. uses 4M FINE MEP for engineering large-scale projects like Athen's Olympic Park.

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CAD & BIM Innovation Since 1986

4M has been providing the AEC community with advanced engineering solutions since 1986. In the year 2000, 4M joined the ITC organization as a founding member, offering designers, architects and engineers a cost-friendly CAD solution based on IntelliCAD (4MCAD) while at the same time building a suite of advanced BIM verticals (4M BIM Suite) on top of the IntelliCAD engine.


4MCAD is powerful, yet affordable, CAD software that supports complete 2D/3D CAD design, raster image support, high-quality rendering, BIM/IFC import, 3D solids, AEC object modeling, BIM objects, VBA support, rich block libraries, enhanced interoperability, and many other advanced features. 4MCAD provides full .dwg and IFC compatibility, outstanding 64-bit CAD performance, and overall is a recognizable CAD environment with a familiar look and feel for any CAD user. With 4MCAD no learning curve is necessary; the user already knows it.

"Our customers regularly comment on the new capabilities and stability of our products."

Babis Charalampopoulos
Babis Charalambopoulos, Partner and Co-Founder 4M

4M BIM Suite

Taking advantage of the IntelliCAD customizable CAD platform, 4M has rapidly elevated the Building Information Modeling (BIM) market with a complete BIM suite:

  • IDEA Architecture
  • FINE-MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, including FineHVAC, FineELEC, FineSANI, FineFIRE, FineGAS and FineLIFT)
  • FineGREEN (Energy Simulation)

In addition to the familiar CAD user interface and the simultaneous .dwg and IFC/BIM full compatibility, 4M BIM verticals support 3D BIM intelligent modeling functions throughout the design process for practically unlimited modeling design capabilities. High performance is due to the smart structure of BIM entities associated with logical relations between each other, regardless of building size. CAD and calculation components co-exist within a seamlessly integrated environment, and when it comes to calculations, the user can select from a wide range of alternative standards and norms.

4M verticals support all seven BIM dimensions: 4D (Phasing & Planning), 5D (Estimating & Budgeting), 6D (Sustainability), and 7D (as-built model for facility management). Utilized in combination with each other, the 4M BIM verticals constitute a collaborative environment, which supports efficient coordination among building design stakeholders. The newest 4M BIM generation is re-engineered using the latest ITC and ODA libraries and the company’s overall 30 years of BIM experience.

4MCAD and 4M BIM Suite are used by more than 80,000 design professionals throughout 65 countries, receiving high recognition from prestigious customers such as Aecom, Carrier, Unilever, Hyatt, Nafco, Shell, BP, Vinci, Frank Basil, Hilton, Wilo, Terna, Bureau Veritas, Bic, ThyssenKrupp, Rehau, Anadolu Group, Otis, Chipita, Tuv, Knauf, Intracom, York, Pepsico, Multibeton, Cadbury, Buderus, Cosmote, Eta Melco, Praktiker, Kleeman, Archirodon, Aquatherm, and many thousands of users in the construction and manufacture sectors.

Collaboration with the ITC

4M is a founding member of the ITC since 2000, closely following the developments and contributing actively to the common effort of the organization and its success. Sharing a common vision and working together with the ITC for over 20 years has been critical to the growth of 4M. The long common history and successful cooperation during two decades guarantee a promising future with a primary goal to keep CAD production at the leading edge of technology.

"Profits grew because we achieved better economies of scale in our development. We have benefited significantly from the ITC's dynamic and supportive organization, the know-how of the development team, and a shared experience with other ITC members."

Spiros Papathanasiou, Partner and Co-Founder 4M