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    Members leverage the ITC Test Framework to support their Agile Process and improve product quality.

Leverage a Mature Automated Build and Test Framework

It is an agile world and the key to agile software development is to create small, incremental releases and iterate. At the ITC we create multiple installable builds daily, perform millions of automated regression tests and report results on our QA Dashboard.

ITC Members can leverage the ITC development processes to enhance their own development organizations. The ITC provides insight into a large scale, remote, agile development process. Members have a view from the inside and can leverage the tools and processes that the ITC uses for their own agile solutions development. 

The IntelliCAD Platform is automatically built multiple times a day and over 25 million verified tests are run daily on those installable builds. In addition, the installable builds are automatically posted to our Builds Depot and linked to our Crash Depot and provide quick access to the latest builds for manual testing. Unit tests, regression tests, API tests, roundtrip tests, visual comparison tests, and performance tests all use similar verifications and report to a common QA Dashboard.

Code submission, builds, and regression test data are all recorded and linked so any regressions can be be quickly resolved.  The Dashboards provide access to data on both the macro and micro level. Since there are over 25 million daily verifications (with new tests being added all the time) we utilize charts and guages in our Overall Health Index report that help us quickly review how each area under test is performing. However, we can also drill down to each individual verification failure to determine what happened.

Members have access to all the ITC test tools, frameworks, dashboards and depots and can follow the progress of ITC releases. In addition, members can use the ITC tools for their own development. They can choose to use a few of the tools to automate portions of their development and test processes or they can completely clone the ITC automated builds, test framework, Builds Depot and QA Dashboard to their own servers to run their own daily automated builds and regression tests on their own applications.


Even minor changes can cause existing features to break which were working at an earlier point in time. With dozens of developers contributing to a project, it is imperative to create testable builds every day and verify they are no new regressions from recent submissions. 

Eugeny Napalkov, ITC QA Manager