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    Powering Civil Applications

    Carlson Software leverages the IntelliCAD Development Platform to provide flexibility and choice.

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    Powering Civil Applications

    Carlson Software leverages the IntelliCAD Development Platform to provide flexibility and choice.

Providing Customers a Choice

Carlson Software is a leading independent developer of land surveying, civil engineering, construction and mining software. Within these markets, Carlson has built a reputation for technological innovation and is renowned for its customer service and support. Carlson Software’s solutions offer seamless workflow throughout the project life cycle: from initial data collection to design, through construction and machine control.

 Carlson Software joined the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) in 2007 to add IntelliCAD as an alternative CAD platform compatible with .dwg files for its software application suite. Now Carlson customers have a choice between two CAD engines when running Carlson Software.

"If a user already has AutoCAD, they can run our solutions. If they are looking for an effective, lower cost CAD alternative, then Carlson's products come with IntelliCAD built in, ready to use for no extra cost."

Bruce Carlson, President/Founder


A straightforward project to support multiple CAD engines

When Carlson was founded in 1983, its surveying applications were based on Microsoft® MS-DOS®. The programs were ported to use Autodesk® AutoCAD® in 1989 and for the next 19 years, Carlson developed exclusively on the AutoCAD platform. Applications and customers were added consistently over the years until Carlson became one of the largest independent developers of Autodesk solutions.

As a result of their membership in the ITC, the Carlson product line supports both AutoCAD and IntelliCAD platforms with a single set of source code. IntelliCAD's support for .dwg files, along with a similar user-interface and programming interfaces made porting their existing source code very straightforward. It took less than six months to complete the port of over 2 million lines of C++ source code and approximately 500 LISP routines.

The addition of the IntelliCAD platform has been well received by Carlson customers, who have welcomed an alternative CAD choice. 

"More and more of our customers are switching from Autodesk and choosing IntelliCAD. Having this choice of platforms gives Carlson Software and our customers important flexibility."

David Carlson, Executive Vice President of Development Carlson Software