The ITC does not sell IntelliCAD directly to end users, but rather licenses the IntelliCAD technology to a group of commercial members who sell and support their end user products powered by IntelliCAD. If you are looking for support for your IntelliCAD based product, please contact the vendor/member who sold you the product. As members typically add complex solutions on top of the IntelliCAD platform, members are your best option for product support. Member information can be found in your IntelliCAD product's About Box.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of IntelliCAD, please visit our Member Products page to search for the product that is best for you. Again, the ITC does not sell IntelliCAD directly, only members sell end-user products.

If you are an IntelliCAD member looking for support you can use the Support Forum on the ITC Member Portal.

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