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    Need a proven platform for interior design?

    IntelliCAD is a proven platform for interior design layout and visualization.

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    Need a proven BIM platform?

    IntelliCAD provides a firm foundation for your BIM solutions.

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    Leverage the IntelliCAD platform for your Civil, Survey and Mining applications.

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    Looking for a 3D Design Platform?

    IntelliCAD has the power you need for full 3D modeling, design and advanced rendering.

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    Looking for DWG Compatible CAD Engine?

    IntelliCAD is DWG compatible and provides a familiar interface for mechanical design, drafting and fabrication.

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    Looking for a Design Engine for Machine Automation?

    Leverage IntelliCAD for design and machine automation to create seamless design-build solutions.

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    Looking for a Mobile CAD Platform?

    Use the IntelliCAD Mobile Platform to get your designs off the desktop.

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    Looking for a Platform for multiple BIM solutions?

    IntelliCAD provides a firm foundation for your BIM solutions.

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    Need a fast, reliable platform for editing .dwg files?

    See how one member has used IntelliCAD to create the most popular, low-cost AutoCAD alternative.

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    Need platform that can manage massive point clouds?

    See how one ITC member is using point clouds in IntelliCAD to capture and manage forensic evidence for accident reconstruction.

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IntelliCAD: The Intelligent Alternative CAD Platform for Solutions Development

The ITC delivers IntelliCAD, a complete CAD engine and development platform including extensive APIs for vertical application development and full source code for ultimate control. Commercial members have either royalty-base or royalty-free distribution rights for delivering their IntelliCAD based products to their customers world-wide.

Partnership with the ITC opens doors for new proprietary development. This is an important criteria for ITC members who continue to develop new software that works in conjunction with IntelliCAD. Because a member's proprietary software is integrated with IntelliCAD, their customers don't need to purchase a separate CAD package. That adds value for end users and profitability for the ITC member.

The ITC partnership is founded on collaboration and positioned for innovation. The ITC is dedicated to the success of its members and its members are dedicated to the success of their customers.

We welcome you to read the case studies of our members and their customers and hope it will help you make the decision to join the ITC as a member or to purchase IntelliCAD as an end user.