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IntelliCAD Technology Consortium Announces Release of IntelliCAD® 7

Portland, OR, USA, June 10, 2011 — The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) today announced the much anticipated release of IntelliCAD 7.

IntelliCAD 7 represents the culmination of a fundamental overhaul of the entire IntelliCAD code base undertaken by the ITC and its member companies. It incorporates a complete, new architecture based on and synchronized with the development platform from the Open Design Alliance, another member-driven, nonprofit organization of over 1,000 software developers in 40 countries.

IntelliCAD 7 is a 2D and 3D computer-aided-design (CAD) platform for software companies designing and distributing products for engineers, architects, designers, and drafters. In addition to CAD commands and features that users are accustomed to, IntelliCAD provides compatibility with Autodesk® DWG™ format and also exposes a powerful development environment with new support for custom objects. The IntelliCAD platform is an open alternative to closed, single vendor controlled CAD platforms, and is designed to offer the best combination of performance, security, and value to both member companies and their customers.

Dave Lorenzo, ITC Development Director, stated, “It's exciting to achieve this major milestone, our members and developers are looking forward to leveraging our new platform to advance development.” Mr. Lorenzo added, “The significance of the IntelliCAD 7 release is in its long-awaited delivery, but equally important is its indication about the ITC as an organization. Built on a foundation of member companies committed to an open CAD platform, the ITC is positioned for the long-term success of its members, their solutions, and their end users.”

Interested IntelliCAD users can contact ITC members to receive details about availability of IntelliCAD 7 software.

Companies interested in more details about IntelliCAD 7 and membership in the ITC should contact the ITC directly. For more information about IntelliCAD and the ITC, including case studies, please visit

About the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium licenses the IntelliCAD technology to its commercial members, who in turn market and sell applications based on IntelliCAD to their end users. The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium is an independent organization of software developers established specifically for the development of the IntelliCAD technology. Commercial members have access to the IntelliCAD source code, documentation, developer support, and more. For additional ITC news and information, visit the company web site ( or call 1-503-293-7655.

IntelliCAD is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium.

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