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New MiTek-Wrightsoft Success Story Published

SShot4-1MiTek-Wrightsoft develops Right-CAD, which is a 2D/3D CAD solution for HVAC design based on IntelliCAD. A new success story highlights how these companies work together to bring this all-in-one 3D HVAC solution to market. The success story also explains how in recent years Wrightsoft has taken advantage of ITC services such as proprietary development for special Wrightsoft projects.

"Partnering with the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium opened a completely new market for Wrightsoft, making our existing tools for energy analysis and load calculations available to millions of CAD users..." -Bill Wright, President Wrightsoft Corporation

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Wrightsoft has been an ITC member since 2008, and they are now owned by MiTek.

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ODA Releases Version 2020 Update 2 of Its SDKs

oda logo

Open Design Alliance (ODA) recently announced Version 2020 Update 2 of its suite of SDKs. IntelliCAD includes several ODA SDKs, such as Drawings, BimRv, Architecture, Civil, and Mechanical. IntelliCAD is also planning to switch its current IFC support to the ODA IFC SDK, as announced and demonstrated at last year's ODA DevCon 2019 in Milan, Italy.

The ITC starts working with new ODA SDK releases internally and in parallel with current development. This enables the ITC to incorporate the latest versions from the ODA as soon as possible.

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The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium is a founding member of ODA.

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CMS IntelliCAD + FLEXCRANE = US Patent

cms intellicad flexcraneCMS IntelliCAD played an integral role in the development of the FLEXCRANE girder design, which recently was awarded a US patent. FLEXCRANE is a state-of-the-art lifting technology for hoists and winches that features a unique design: the position of the girder set or the girder section component does not matter — the end connection presents the same self-aligned connection geometry.

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CMS IntelliCAD is based on the IntelliCAD engine and is designed for CAD users of all kinds — anyone who wants a fast, efficient, and powerful CAD program on their desktop or in the cloud. To learn how CMS IntelliCAD benefits from ITC membership, get the success story.


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New ZWSOFT Success Story Published

zwcad2020Did you know that ZWCAD, from ZWSOFT, runs on the IntelliCAD engine? A new success story highlights how ZWSOFT and the ITC work together through collaboration and cooperation. Check it out >>

ITC has played an important role in the development of ZWCAD. It gives us the trusted technology on which we can build our products." -Kingdom Lin, VP of ZWSOFT

ZWSOFT has been an ITC member since 2002. Their products are used by over 900,000 users from more than 90 countries and districts.

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ActCAD Available with New Networking Licensing


ActCAD licensing now includes network floating licenses in addition to key-based and dongle-based licenses. 


Network floating licenses float between LAN-connected computers (Internet not required). There is no need to install server software, and the licenses can be authorized by USB dongle, online license, or offline license. 

Learn more about ActCAD network licensing >>

ActCAD is based on the IntelliCAD engine. For more details, visit

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Carlson Software 2020 Update Available


In case you missed it, an important update is available for the Carlson 2020 product line. The update includes fixes for all Carlson users including those who use IntelliCAD. Get details about the update >> 

IntelliCAD comes built-in to Carlson Software products. To find out more about Carlson 2020:

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See FRAMECAD at Advancing Prefabrication this Week

framecad-advancing-prefabricationCheck out FRAMECAD at stand 10 at the Advancing Prefabrication conference this week in Dallas, Texas USA. You learn how the FRAMECAD system helps increase productivity for prefabricated and off-site projects. And because the FRAMECAD system uses IntelliCAD technology, you'll also learn how IntelliCAD integrates and contributes to high-performing systems.

FRAMECAD is a member of the ITC. To see how FRAMECAD and the ITC work together, read the success story.

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CMS IntelliCAD 9.2a Released

CMS IntelliCAD

CMS IntelliCAD 9.2a is now available based on the IntelliCAD 9.2a engine. This latest maintenance release focuses on improved performance and fixes while also including a few new features.

CMS IntelliCAD is designed for CAD users such as architects, engineers, designers or anyone who wants a fast, efficient, and powerful CAD program on their desktop or in the cloud. CMS IntelliCAD can be licensed as a perpetual standalone seat, a network floating user seat, and optionally as a renewable subscription SaaS. 


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MiTek Wrightsoft at ACCA Conference March 2020

MiTek-WRIGHTSOFTWrightsoft_ACCA_ConferenceMiTek® Wrightsoft® will be at the ACCA 2020 Annual Conference in St. Louis, MO on March 16-18, 2020. Go to Booth #314 to see MiTek Wrightsoft products, including Right-CAD® which is based on the IntelliCAD engine.

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MiTek Writghtsoft's Right-CAD® software simplifies the HVAC design process from load calculations to system design (duct, radiant designs, etc.) to parts take off list and operational costs, among others. Learn more about Right-CAD >>

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ActCAD 2020 Updated to IntelliCAD 9.2a


ActCAD 2020 is now available based on the newest IntelliCAD 9.2a engine. The latest ActCAD release includes ActCAD BIM, ActCAD Professional, and ActCAD Standard.

The latest ActCAD versions include improved Network Licensing Technology, improved PDF printing, updated STEP and IGES support, specific enhancements related to BIM, and more. 

Existing ActCAD users can use the Check For Updates command to automatically update to the latest release. And new users can download a trial here.

ActCAD is developed by Jytra Technology Solutions Private Limited, a member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium.

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