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ITC Member CMS Streaming CMS IntelliCAD 8

CAD Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (CMS), member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, announced the release of CMS IntelliCAD 8 Premium streaming from the cloud. CMS users can now run CMS IntelliCAD 8 directly from their Internet browsers.

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ITC Members Release New Software Versions Based on IntelliCAD

Summer 2014 — Several IntelliCAD Technology Consortium members released new software versions based on IntelliCAD 8 technology, which includes support for .dwg files based on the 2014 file format. 

ProgeCAD released progeCAD Architecture 2014. Based on IntelliCAD 8, progeCAD Architecture 2014 is a CAD program that includes BIM technology and support for the IFC 2x3 file format. For more information, visit

CMS released CMS IntelliCAD 8 Premium and 64-Bit CMS IntelliCAD 8, both of which are CAD programs based on IntelliCAD 8. For more information, visit

Carlson Software released Carlson Survey 2015, which is a CAD program with IntelliCAD 8 built-in and with specialized features for land surveying. For more information, visit