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IntelliCAD at 20!

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Welcome to IntelliCAD World 2018! The ITC group and the CAD community are in Prague, Czech Republic for three days of collaboration and idea exchange.

This year the ITC is celebrating IntelliCAD's 20th year, and it was time to recap a little history. First, IntelliCAD's roots. As with any software product, development began long before IntelliCAD's initial release. Here's a summary of the timeline leading up to the March 16, 1998 launch by Visio Corp.:

  • 1994 — Softdesk starts developing an Autodesk® AutoCAD® clone called IntelliCADD, outsourcing development to a third-party in San Diego, CA.
  • 06/1996 — As Autodesk looks to acquire Softdesk, Softdesk looks to sell IntelliCADD to its creators, Boomerang Technologies.
  • 12/1996 — Autodesk acquires Softdesk and tries to block the sale of IntelliCADD, but the FTC steps in, and Boomerang acquires IntelliCADD.
  • 02/1997 — Two months later, Visio Corp. acquires Boomerang for $6.7M and retains ownership of IntelliCADD.
  • 03/1997 — Autodesk and Softdesk settle with the FTC. 
  • 01/1998 — Visio Corp. acquires MarComp, Inc., a private company creating the AUTODIRECT toolkit to read/write .dwg files. This library is the key component for .dwg compatibility in IntelliCAD.
  • 02/1998 — Visio Corp. forms a non-profit cooperative, OpenDWG Alliance (aka ODA, Open Design Alliance). Visio provides a perpetual license for AUTODIRECT libraries/source to the ODA.
  • 03/1998 — Visio Corp. announces the release of highly anticipated IntelliCAD 98!

So IntelliCAD exchanged hands several times before even being released. How did it get from Visio to the ITC? We learned that too of course! We'll recap that part of the story next.

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Countdown 3, 2, 1: Three Days until IntelliCAD World Conference 2018

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The CAD community is en route to Prague, Czech Republic for IntelliCAD World 2018. From July 30 to August 1, ITC members and developers will join together to discuss everything CAD and to gain insights from each other for advancing their technologies in various industries.

Stay tuned for more details from the conference. Sneak peek: did you know that IntelliCAD is turning 20 this year?

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Countdown 3, 2, 1: Three Weeks until IntelliCAD World Conference 2018

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From July 30 to August 1, ITC members, developers, and the CAD community will join together in Prague, Czech Republic for IntelliCAD World 2018.

Come discover the latest advancements in the IntelliCAD development platform, ITC member technologies, and how they mesh to create first-rate solutions in use around the globe. The conference is a first-hand experience for learning how anyone can use the IntelliCAD platform to build CAD solutions. 

There's still time to register. Registration for the conference is free. Simply register and arrange your own travel and accommodations at the conference hotel. 

 Register now for IntelliCAD World 2018 ›

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ActCAD 2019 New Updates Available


Recently released: ActCAD 2019 version 84792. The release is a maintenance release with important fixes and improvements. ActCAD users can use the CHECKFORUPDATES command to get the updated version.

ActCAD 2019, based on the IntelliCAD engine, is designed for civil, mechanical, architectural, electrical, structural, interior and exterior design consultants.


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