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ODA Continues Italy Work Tour at IntelliCAD World 2019

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logo_itc_01_DarkSeveral members of the Open Design Alliance (ODA) team arrived in southern Italy after ODA DevCon last week in Milan to give an update on ODA technologies, including Drawings, BimRv, and IFC SDKs, and also the ODA Technology Stack.

Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA Director of Development, commented that it was great to see new ODA features already implemented in IntelliCAD. Also he was happy to report that they had been working on common properties functionality thanks to ITC requests. Common data access to all supported ODA formats includes access to both the model tree and properties. The model tree structure is still in-progress, but common properties are in production currently.


We also heard about ODA's strategic partnership with buildingSMART. This is exciting news for several reasons, one being that the ITC is in the process of transitioning to ODA IFC SDK for IntelliCAD's current IFC support. 

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IntelliCAD Technology in 2019 and 2020

i-Logo 3What's been happening lately with the IntelliCAD engine? And what's next?

Here's what we learned at IntelliCAD World 2019:

  • IntelliCAD 9.1 and 9.2 were released earlier this year. We saw demos of many new features that are trending as important for ITC members: digital signatures, new architectural entities, customizable start page, system variable monitor, STEP and IGES support, Overkill command, and many more.
  • BIM solutions for IntelliCAD: attach .rvt/.rfa and .ifc files as underlays and work with BIM data. Architectural objects are already in the mix too, and soon will even be exportable to .ifc files using ODA IFC libraries.
  • IntelliCAD Mobile is gaining new ITC member interest and the Special Interest Group is growing. IntelliCAD Mobile can view and navigate various file types: drawings (.dwg, .dwt, .dxf), Design Web Format (.dwf), Open COLLADA™ (.dae), and images (.png, .jpeg, .tiff, etc.). Many new features are being developed for the next mobile version, including plans for voice recording and more measurement tools.
  • Sneak peak at IntelliCAD 10 which is in development now, based on the latest ODA libraries. Specifically we got a look at geographic locations and new visual styles that will be available by integration with OpenGL ES2. Lots of other features coming up.
  • The latest version of ARTISAN was also demonstrated by Clive Davies of Pictorex. ARTISAN is a photorealistic renderer that is integrated with IntelliCAD and available for ITC member licensing.
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IntelliCAD World 2019 Begins with "We are Not Done Yet"

i-Logo 2At IntelliCAD World 2019 we heard from ITC President, David Lorenzo, setting the tone for upcoming presentations and discussions. Here are the highlights:

  • Twenty years ago when the ITC and also the ODA were initiated by Visio Corporation, the purpose was to create trusted, open CAD technology. 
  • A question was posed:
    Without the ITC and ODA, what would have happened in the CAD industry over the past twenty years?
  • The original purpose of a trusted, open CAD technology is still valid today, not only with traditional CAD platforms but also in the future with digital platforms.
  • Be vigilant, and we are not done yet.
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IntelliCAD World 2019 Begins Today!

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Today kicks off the event with one-to-one developer meetings. Tomorrow we'll hear from ITC President, David Lorenzo, talking about the ITC at 20 — twenty years of member-driven collaboration and competition. And more, of course.

ACCA Software is hosting IntelliCAD World 2019 at their headquarters in Bagnoli Irpino. Stay tuned for more details this week!

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