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CMS Continues Rollout Based on IntelliCAD 10

cms intellicad 10 PE

In addition to their previous release of CMS IntelliCAD 10 Easy Run, CAD-Manufacturing Solutions (CMS) is now delivering their standalone and network versions of CMS IntelliCAD PE and PE Plus based on the IntelliCAD 10 engine. New versions include dynamic rendering, a new materials library, dynamic input, and much more.

A big reason why CMS can deliver their product suite so quickly after an IntelliCAD release is that they take advantage of an ITC service that integrates and builds their code for them.

How does it work? Three steps:

  1. CMS creates customizations in a private repository located on ITC servers.
  2. The ITC team automates and merges the latest IntelliCAD releases with CMS code. 
  3. Builds are posted to a private Builds Depot on ITC servers.

Benefiting from ITC infrastructure and automation, CMS delivers their entire product line faster with each IntelliCAD release.

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