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IntelliCAD User Guides Available for Download and Print

IntelliCAD book cover.jpgInterested in an ITC membership and want to learn more about how your customers can use IntelliCAD? Order a print or download version of the IntelliCAD user guide to see how IntelliCAD users draw in 2D and 3D, view drawings, dimension entities, work with layers, insert blocks and external references, add custom programs, and everything else you expect from a CAD program.

The guides are available for a small fee: $5.00 for a PDF download and $40.00 for a print copy.

  • For the most recent IntelliCAD 8.3 user guides, go here.
  • For all available IntelliCAD user guide versions, go here.

Of course ITC members receive source files and output for the IntelliCAD user guides and other documentation as part of their ITC membership.

Questions? Contact the ITC.


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