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One Week until IntelliCAD World Conference 2017

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It's just one week away: IntelliCAD World Conference 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand, November 6-8, 2017. Designed with ITC members in mind, the conference is designed for exploring new possibilities, exchanging ideas, finding solutions to technical issues, and providing direction for future development.

What can I do with IntelliCAD? We'll be showing IntelliCAD's latest advancements in BIM technology, mobile platforms, DGN markup within IntelliCAD, IntelliCAD APIs, advanced rendering, the ribbon and other user interface advancements, and much more. 

How and why do members use IntelliCAD? ITC members will be highlighting their custom solutions built with IntelliCAD, and the ITC will be discussing internationalization, internal systems, etc. A whole day is also dedicated to one-on-one technical meetings with ITC developers. 

We'll be reporting from Auckland, so stay tuned!


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