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Under the Hood of IntelliCAD

iw2017toolbox.pngSprinkled throughout the days at IntelliCAD World were a few presentations about internal systems used by the ITC. The point was not to show off how things work internally — under the hood  but to show ITC members what is available for porting to their own in-house processes.

It's a perk of ITC membership. Looking to grow into a large-scale automated testing system with scripts, regression analysis, visualization tests, and tens of thousands of drawings? ITC members can just re-use theirs. How to collect crash data and feedback from users? Grab their code. What is a state machine and how can it help me develop code that isn't spaghetti code? See how they do it and get their examples. How to translate your UI to different languages? See how they use RC files and get ideas about other methods.

One of the other demos showed us where the ITC gathers all of these data points into an overall health index. The health index has visual dials that evaluates all of the testing data — you're either in the green or the red so you can easily see how the latest build is performing. This helps for day-to-day work but is even more critical leading up to a release. Dave Lorenzo, ITC President stood at the back of the room and added, “We only release if the health index is high enough.”

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