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IntelliCAD Technology Consortium Announces Release of IntelliCAD® 8.3

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Portland, OR, USA, December 28, 2016 — The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) today announced the release of IntelliCAD 8.3.

IntelliCAD 8.3 is a major release that includes new support for the following: packaging drawings and their related files using the eTransmit command, adding gradient patterns to closed entities, improved ease-of-use for hatch patterns, creating filters for selecting entities, searching for files by clicking Tools > Find when using the Open command, easier access to saving workspaces, and more.

Updated APIs include Teigha version 4.2.0 from Open Design Alliance and a major LISP upgrade (VL*, VLA*, VLAX* functions).

For versions of IntelliCAD that support markup for .dgn files in their native format, several new commands are available such as Arc, Redo, Lengthen, Scale, ID, and Fence.

IntelliCAD 8.3 is supported on Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista®, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Interested IntelliCAD users can contact ITC members to receive details about availability of IntelliCAD software.

Companies interested in more details about IntelliCAD and membership in the ITC should contact the ITC directly. For more information about IntelliCAD and the ITC, including case studies, please visit

About the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium is an independent, non-profit organization funded and directed by its members specifically for the development of the IntelliCAD technology. The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium licenses the IntelliCAD technology to its commercial members, who in turn market and sell applications based on IntelliCAD to their end users. Commercial members have access to the IntelliCAD source code, documentation, developer support, and more. The ITC is also a founding member of the Open Design Alliance, thereby contributing to interoperability in the engineering industry.

For additional ITC news and information, visit the company web site ( or call 1-503-293-7655.

IntelliCAD is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium.


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Highlighting ITC Member 4M

4M_bimsuite.jpg4M S.A., member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium since 2000, creates architectural, mechanical, structural, and electrical CAD and BIM applications that are built on top of the IntelliCAD engine. With access to APIs and source code, 4M integrates their own vertical solutions to deliver seamless products to their customers.

Joining the ITC allowed us to develop and deliver market-specific vertical applications with powerful yet familiar CAD functionality combined with well-defined standards and specifications." – Babis Charalambopoulos, Partner and Co-Founder 4M

To learn more about how 4M benefits from ITC membership, go to

4M S.A.:
IntelliCAD Technology Consortium:

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Q&A with ZWCAD Product Manager

zwcad_PM.jpgZWCAD Product Manager, Daniel Huang, answered questions this fall about ZWCAD 2017, including discussions about new features, performance, upgrade policies, and the future of ZWCAD.

ZWCAD is CAD design software based on IntelliCAD and developed by ITC member ZWSOFT.

To read the Q&A, see

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ActCAD Maintenance Releases Available

actcad_logo.pngActCAD Engineering Solutions, a member of the ITC, recently announced updated maintenance releases for ActCAD 2017 and ActCAD 2016. ActCAD is based on the IntelliCAD engine and is general purpose CAD software for civil, mechanical, architectural, electrical, structural, interior and exterior design consultants.

For details about the latest maintenance releases and for download links, see:


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Get the FRAMECAD E-book about Trending Construction Methods


FRAMECAD Ltd. recently released a new ebook, The Future of Construction – The Case for Building with Cold Formed Steel, which describes the benefits and trends of Light Gauge Steel, or Cold Formed Steel, construction.

FRAMECAD Ltd. is an ITC member that develops FRAMECAD — a rapid steel framing design and build system based on IntelliCAD. 

For more details and to get the free ebook, see


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