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New Carlson 2019 Releases, Including DGN


Carlson Software recently released version 2019 of its product suite including Carlson Mining, Carlson Survey, and Carlson Civil/Hydrology/GIS. Carlson products come with IntelliCAD built-in and an option for their end-users to purchase Autodesk® AutoCAD® separately if desired. 


As expected, new features are found throughout the Carlson product line. Special mention goes to working natively with both .dwg and .dgn files. Open, save, print, and edit all with one CAD editor thanks to the IntelliCAD 9.0 engine.

For more details from Carlson, see:

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ZWSOFT Celebrates 20 Years


This year ZWSOFT celebrates 20 years of making CAD solutions for designers and engineers worldwide. ZWSOFT is a member of the ITC and their flagship product, ZWCAD, is based on the IntelliCAD engine.

In the words of Daniel Huang, ZWCAD Product Manager:

We have really made ZWCAD from good to great...”

Congrats to ZWSOFT as they celebrate 20 years!

Go to ZWSOFT and ZWCAD >>

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Find FRAMECAD at METALCON in North Carolina USA

FRAMECAD metalcon

October 10-12, 2018, see FRAMECAD at the METALCON tradeshow in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. They'll be at Booth 537 showing their end-to-end design and build system of cold formed steel used for rapid construction of buildings. While you're there, ask them about their H515 UL Fire Rated Assembly for cold formed steel web joist flooring systems! Get details >>

FRAMECAD is a member of the ITC and uses IntelliCAD in its build system. To see how FRAMECAD and the ITC work together, read the success story.

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Watch: What is the ITC?


itc backgrnd

The question "What is the ITC?" is answered in a new video describing exactly what the organization is: A non-profit, member directed cooperative that develops a CAD platform.

It's a unique group and business model within the CAD industry. Check it out! Watch now >>

ZWCAD 2019 Released

zwcad 2019

Create amazing things with ZWCAD 2019, released earlier this summer. ZWCAD 2019 includes features for working with dynamic blocks, PDF underlays, annotative objects, custom color schemes, and more. 

ZWCAD is a .dwg-compatible CAD solution available in 15 languages for worldwide designers and engineers in various industries such as AEC and MFG. It is built by ITC member ZWSOFT and is based on the IntelliCAD engine. 

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ActCAD at IndExpo 2018

actcad ind_expo1

ActCAD was recently exhibited at IndExpo in Hyderabad, India. Over 500 visitors saw ActCAD products in action, including demos and introductions to features and ease-of-use. 

actcad ind_expo2

ActCAD is 2D drafting and 3D modeling software built with the IntelliCAD engine and has the CAD features you'd expect while being lightweight and fast. It also comes with a self transferring licence (not a subscription license) and is available worldwide.



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Letter from President of Carlson Software



Carlson Software has been busy with big ideas and big work. Below is a recap of a letter from Bruce Carlson, President of Carlson Software, about what Carlson is doing with the IntelliCAD engine.

The beauty of IntelliCAD is that it is developed by a consortium of companies and internal IntelliCAD staff who can all contribute to its source code... Carlson Software is a leading “external” contributor to IntelliCAD. If we need the CAD to do something, we can write the commands directly. In effect, we have our own internal CAD platform.

Carlson Software delivers its products with a choice in CAD platform: use IntelliCAD for free with Carlson products or purchase Autodesk® AutoCAD®.

Anyone who can run AutoCAD can run IntelliCAD.

 Carlson Software is also using the IntelliCAD platform in new ways starting this year: 

  • Carlson iCAD
  • Dynamic CAD
  • Dual CAD (.dwg and .dgn files)

These new products are pushing the boundaries of business as usual. See the full letter >>

What can you do with IntelliCAD? Get details >>

Just Released: CMS IntelliCAD 9.0 Premium Edition with BIM


CMS IntelliCAD 9.0 includes support for working with BIM .ifc and .rvt/.rfa files, viewing mechanical entities, drawing construction lines, resetting and re-associating dimensions, and more.

CMS IntelliCAD 9.0 Premium Edition is a major release from ITC member CAD-Manufacturing Solutions. It is based on the IntelliCAD engine.

To learn more about CMS IntelliCAD 9.0, see the CMS news.

To learn more about how CMS benefits from ITC membership, see the ITC website.

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Introducing ActCAD 2019 Rail Road Sections

actcad-2019-rail-roadNew! ActCAD 2019 Rail Road Sections is a new product for accurately drawing rail road sections, including automation for banking and cutting by taking coordinates from auto-levels in spreadsheet format. Precise points are drawn in the CAD drawing with one click.

ActCAD 2019 Rail Road Sections is based on IntelliCAD and is produced by ITC member ActCAD. 

For more product details, including videos and step-by-step intros, see the ActCAD website.


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Open, Direct, Clear

i-Logo CobbleStone

At the ITC it's not just the co-op business model or the access to IntelliCAD source code that makes the organization open, it also runs through company culture.

A few examples observed in Prague at IntelliCAD World 2018:

  • Systems. In-house systems are open for member taking. Scale your own in-house systems by re-implementing the ones used by the ITC: installer, crash reporting, build management, product quality, localization, documentation.
  • Hierarchy. The hierarchical structure at the ITC is relatively flat, and even if someone has "Lead" or "Manager" or even "President" behind their name, they are accessible to discussions ranging from new ideas to knowledge sharing to coffee. 
  • Focus. The ITC team focuses on the technical details of CAD technology, but just as important is their focus on member needs. Need a feature implemented? Need a focus on a whole new area of development? Let them know to get the discussions started.
  • Collaboration. ITC developers collaborate with ITC members on features and fixes, and members even donate their own features back to core IntelliCAD. The open atmosphere also extends to members collaborating with each other, and in some cases even new member products. Some members are competitors, and yes, they collaborate too.

With all of this openness, direct communication is a necessity. It's only then that the openness can thrive, promoting clear objectives that work for a collective — not just one company.

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