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4MCAD23 Now Available


4M has launched 4MCAD23, a new major release redeveloped on top of the latest IntelliCAD 10.1a engine. With a completely new and enhanced interface, 4MCAD23 is significantly faster in almost every function, including a new OpenGL graphics engine. To further its interoperability with native .dwg files and its 100% .dwg and IFC compatibility, the new 4MCAD23 is compatible with AutoCAD® Revit® 2021 files as well, being capable to import practically any type of file.


4MCAD23 includes a large number of new features and tools, such as the insertion of dynamic blocks, support of 3Dconnexion input devices, enhanced layer management, new editing tools and commands for single/group entities, new options for text and tables, enhanced printing and publishing commands, digital signatures for .dwg files, and much more. 

4MCAD is available in four versions: 4MCAD Viewer, 4MCAD Classic, 4MCAD Standard, and 4MCAD PRO. The latter two versions are also available with cloud key licenses, allowing 4MCAD users to work easily from any location at any time and from a PC/laptop without limits.

To learn about IntelliCAD's .dwg technology, go here. To learn how 4M benefits from the IntelliCAD technology, see the success story here.

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Spotlight on 4M FineGREEN: BIM Energy Simulation


4M FineGREEN is energy simulation BIM software that can upgrade old and new buildings of any kind and scale according to LEED energy efficiency standards. FineGREEN uses the renowned EnergyPlus™ calculation engine sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Providing the most familiar 3D BIM interface to EnergyPlus on top of IntelliCAD, FineGREEN easily determines the best energy-efficient building design solutions from the initial architectural concept through HVAC design to the entire project completion. Being at the same time 100% .dwg and IFC compatible, the program ensures close collaboration with any other BIM application, such as Autodesk® Revit®, Graphisoft® Archicad®, Allplan®, 4M's own IDEA®, etc.

FineGREEN enables the designer to study effective alternative design scenarios in order to reach the optimal solutions for any type of new construction, as well as to identify the most interesting retrofit design alternatives. Simulation results are organized in detailed output tables, charts, and graphical representation forms, to easily make comparative evaluations of the alternatives.
FineGREEN contains rich libraries open to the user, including weather files and climate data, building components, construction assemblies and materials, HVAC and lighting equipment, templates with structure and system profiles, as well as activity & operating schedules based on the Ashrae 62.1 and 90.1 standards. The program performs Site Shading Analysis, HVAC Systems Modeling (using a wide range of predefined HVAC system templates that can be easily customized by the user or even defined from scratch), Daylighting Analysis for each zone, Solar & Wind Energy Modeling, and more. FineGREEN additionally includes a sophisticated building cost analysis, figuring out the cost of a building from the early design to project completion and operation. It also produces a report for LEED certification.

FineGREEN belongs to the 4M BIM Suite, which also includes IDEA Architecture and FINE-MEP. A very detailed understanding of the concept and functionality of FineGREEN is provided in the IntelliCAD 10.1 DevCast video at:
For more details about FineGREEN, you can also go to the 4M website at To learn about how 4M benefits from the IntelliCAD technology, see the updated success story here.
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Spotlight on 4M FineFIRE: BIM Fire Fighting Design

4M FineFIRE 1

FineFIRE is the BIM standard for fire fighting design; it faces projects of any kind or scale in an easy, fast and reliable way according to all the latest standards. As shown in the IntelliCAD 10.1 DevCast videos, here are project examples implemented by FineFIRE:

  • Large industrial projects: The Dalli case study (home products)
  • Big storage projects: The Coca-Cola HBC case study
  • Factories and manufacturing: The Paper Factory case study
  • Hotels and resorts: The Thassos Grand Resort case study

FineFIRE considers all the parameters of the physical and functional characteristics of a sprinkler network to support smart network modeling, identification of clashes between other MEP installations, quick exploration of alternative viable options, extraction of a Bill of Materials, and overall easy collaboration and sharing of information between designers and constructors. More specifically, FineFIRE:

  • Combines a state-of-the-art BIM technology on top of IntelliCAD, allowing the user to design piping networks faster and easier.
  • Ensures full compatibility with Autodesk® Revit®, Graphisoft® Archicad®, Nemetschek® Vectorworks®, Google® SketchUp Pro®, or equivalent.
  • Allows you to work with any type of piping network (tree systems, gridded, looped, etc.).
  • Places sprinklers automatically, considering building hazards and the type of sprinklers.
  • Performs a detailed hydraulic simulation for the highest accuracy in network sizing, considering the equipment technical characteristics (i.e., pump curves/diagrams).
  • Generates the exact quantity of project materials along with their costs.
  • Provides a fully documented final printout with calculation reports and a set of drawings in 2D and 3D.
  • Supports all existing standards (NFPA13 American Standard, EN 12845, BS9251, AS2118, ASIB11, FM GLOBAL, CEA 4001, etc.).

4M FineFIRE 2

And all the above coexist synergistically within an integrated BIM environment where the user can work and interact directly on the 3D building model. Details of the concept and functionality of FineFIRE is provided in the IntelliCAD 10.1 DevCast video at this link:

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4M FineSANI Highlighted in AEC Magazine

4M JazanFineSANI

AEC Magazine describes why 4M FineSANI is the tool of choice for designing water supply and sewage systems in the new Jazan Economic City (JEC) in Saudi Arabia. 

FineSANI is integrated BIM software for sanitary design. It generates calculations directly from your drawings and then creates final drawings (plan views, panel diagrams, details) and the full case study documentation along with the bill of materials and costs.

4M is a member of the ITC and develops CAD and BIM software for architecture, engineering, and construction. To find out more about 4M's success with IntelliCAD, check out the success story and more about IntelliCAD's BIM technology here.

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Educational Versions available from 4M


4M is among the many ITC members who have educational versions of IntelliCAD available. The Technical University of Sliven has been using 4M FineHVAC and other 4M products for 12 years, providing high-tech BIM knowledge to young engineers.

4M announced that together with Marigold Krastev (Dean of TU - Sliven) and the Bulgarian branch of 4M, the university's computer hall was recently renovated with 4M's latest software versions. 

Check out 4M products >>

4M develops CAD and BIM software for architecture, engineering, and construction. To find out more about 4M's success with IntelliCAD, check out the success story.

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4M FineFIRE and BIM: Case Study by AECbytes


AECbytes recently published a case study about using BIM software for fire protection in a Coca-Cola bottling plant. 4M FineFIRE was chosen by the designers for several reasons, as mentioned in the study: familiar CAD interface, calculations based on any widely used standard, compatibility with standard BIM file formats, and more.

FineFIRE is part of the 4M FineMEP suite and is based on the IntelliCAD engine.

4M has been a member of the ITC since 2000. To find out more about 4M's success with IntelliCAD, check out the success story.

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AECbytes Magazine Includes Case Study with 4M FINEGreen


Interested in green building and design? Take a look at AECbytes Magazine for a case study of using 4M FINEGreen. 

FINEGreen combines BIM power with the user friendliness of a 3D building interface and the reliability and accuracy of the EnergyPlus calculation engine. 

4M, a member of the ITC, develops FINEGreen. More details >>


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4M Fine4Rate Customized for Australia Energy Ratings


IntelliCAD has turned up again — this time interfacing with Australia's benchmark software for house energy ratings.

4M is a member of the ITC and develops, among other products, Fine4Rate. Fine4Rate is a BIM graphical interface to energy rating engines and is based on the IntelliCAD engine.

4M Australia customized Fine4Rate to interface with the NatHERS thermal comfort modeling environment to support energy assessors who are users of the AccuRate Sustainability Software. Training announced at Education in Building

Want to learn more?

  • Check out 4M Fine4Rate for more product details.
  • Check out the success story for details about how 4M benefits from and uses the IntelliCAD engine in their BIM technologies.
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4M Makes the List

4M_bimsuite.jpgWhen deciding on a BIM tool for your company, you might want to check out a report by Wise Guy Reports that ranks BIM software vendors. ITC member, 4M S.A., and its BIM offerings rank high in the report. 

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4M Launches FineGREEN, Based on IntelliCAD


FineGREEN by 4M is a new energy simulation environment based on the EnergyPlus (e+) engine, the power of BIM, and the IntelliCAD engine. FineGREEN embeds the latest version of EnergyPlus to provide the best energy-efficient building design solutions and embeds the IntelliCAD engine to provide the best in CAD.

For more details about FineGREEN:

To learn more about how 4M benefits from ITC membership, go to

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