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AECbytes Magazine Includes Case Study with 4M FINEGreen


Interested in green building and design? Take a look at AECbytes Magazine for a case study of using 4M FINEGreen. 

FINEGreen combines BIM power with the user friendliness of a 3D building interface and the reliability and accuracy of the EnergyPlus calculation engine. 

4M, a member of the ITC, develops FINEGreen. More details >>


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4M Fine4Rate Customized for Australia Energy Ratings


IntelliCAD has turned up again — this time interfacing with Australia's benchmark software for house energy ratings.

4M is a member of the ITC and develops, among other products, Fine4Rate. Fine4Rate is a BIM graphical interface to energy rating engines and is based on the IntelliCAD engine.

4M Australia customized Fine4Rate to interface with the NatHERS thermal comfort modeling environment to support energy assessors who are users of the AccuRate Sustainability Software. Training announced at Education in Building

Want to learn more?

  • Check out 4M Fine4Rate for more product details.
  • Check out the success story for details about how 4M benefits from and uses the IntelliCAD engine in their BIM technologies.
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4M Makes the List

4M_bimsuite.jpgWhen deciding on a BIM tool for your company, you might want to check out a report by Wise Guy Reports that ranks BIM software vendors. ITC member, 4M S.A., and its BIM offerings rank high in the report. 

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4M Launches FineGREEN, Based on IntelliCAD


FineGREEN by 4M is a new energy simulation environment based on the EnergyPlus (e+) engine, the power of BIM, and the IntelliCAD engine. FineGREEN embeds the latest version of EnergyPlus to provide the best energy-efficient building design solutions and embeds the IntelliCAD engine to provide the best in CAD.

For more details about FineGREEN:

To learn more about how 4M benefits from ITC membership, go to

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Highlighting ITC Member 4M

4M_bimsuite.jpg4M S.A., member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium since 2000, creates architectural, mechanical, structural, and electrical CAD and BIM applications that are built on top of the IntelliCAD engine. With access to APIs and source code, 4M integrates their own vertical solutions to deliver seamless products to their customers.

Joining the ITC allowed us to develop and deliver market-specific vertical applications with powerful yet familiar CAD functionality combined with well-defined standards and specifications." – Babis Charalambopoulos, Partner and Co-Founder 4M

To learn more about how 4M benefits from ITC membership, go to

4M S.A.:
IntelliCAD Technology Consortium:

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ITC Member 4M announces new 4MCAD version based on IntelliCAD

4M, member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, released 4MCAD 12.2 based on IntelliCAD. The new version of 4MCAD supports 2013 .dwg files, a unique conversion from .ifc files to .dwg files for importing and editing of BIM projects, and many other new features.

Powered by IntelliCAD, 4MCAD is part of 4M CAD & BIM software, which also contains IDEA Architecture (Architectural Design) and the Fine MEP range of BIM software for calculation and design of building services systems.

For more information, please visit

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4M releases IDEA Architectural v.10 on IntelliCAD v6.6

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September 01, 2009 - Auburn, Maine - 4M's new major release IDEA Architectural v.10 has just been launched in the US market and redefines the IntelliCAD software based BIM industry standards.

Jason Costa, Sales Manager of the 4M BIM Suite in the USA market commented: "IDEA is a powerful BIM Architectural application that combines the most popular icad-like interface and functionalities with a sophisticated BIM technology on top of IntelliCAD. There is no question, IDEA 10 is a must for every Architect because it is an inexpensive solution with almost negligible costs regarding training, support and maintenance".

Some new features of IDEA10 include:

  • Advanced BIM structure to continuously update the project drawings (sections, views, perspectives, etc) while keeping anyinterventions made by the user (insertion of library items, text, annotation, etc).
  • Project drawings smart explorer (tree-view browser of the drawings).
  • Faster rendering performances based on OpenGL, as well as real time virtual walk through of the rendered model.
  • Enhanced roof modeler with unlimited options to design any type of roof structure and add components such as attics, lofts, skylights, inclined openings and many others.
  • Intelligent design to create even more building entities (i.e. chimneys, pergolas and others).
  • Significant improvements regarding architectural design refinements (i.e. smart automatic unions between building objects only if necessary, optional hiding of the wall/slab lines on the views or sections, object definition through polylines in every dialog, etc), as well as the topographical design (fully automatic creation of triangles to create the ground model).
  • Unrivaled performance due to the brand new high speed IntelliCAD v.6.6 engine.
  • Other new enhancements include: new interface, properties panel, polar tracking, and many others.

IDEA belongs to the 4M CAD building design Suite, which also contains FINE MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) and STRAD (Structural Design) BIM applications, integrated on top of IntelliCAD. For more information please see:

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