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Just Released: CMS IntelliCAD 9.1 PE Easy Run


CMS continues to release its product offerings based on the latest IntelliCAD 9.1 engine. The most recently released? CMS IntelliCAD 9.1 Premium Edition (PE) Easy Run. 

The Easy Run version from CMS allows users to stream CMS IntelliCAD directly from the Internet to their systems, running locally as any other installed software. Once downloaded, it runs without further installation.

CMS IntelliCAD 9.1 PE Easy Run is a complete CAD package with new features that include digital signatures, a new Block Editor, palettes with blocks, a sketch mode with a new type of selection grip, and many more productivity advancements. 

For more details about the release and free trial information, see the CMS news.

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Cloud, Mobile, Desktop: CMS Continues Rollout


Interested in CAD in the cloud? What about CAD on mobile? Check out what CAD-Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (CMS) is doing with desktop, cloud, and mobile, all based on IntelliCAD.

Earlier this year CMS released a new version of its desktop CAD, CMS IntelliCAD 9.0. CMS has continued releasing new versions across its product suite, including its full CAD product for cloud and its CAD viewer for mobile. Get more details:

CMS is a member of the ITC. To learn how CMS and ITC work together to bring CAD to the marketplace, get the success story. If you're specifically interested in CAD for mobile platforms, see IntelliCAD Mobile.

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CMS IntelliCAD Premium Edition Cloud Update

cms_logo-1.pngUsing CMS IntelliCAD in the cloud? Get the latest version that's now based on the latest IntelliCAD engine 8.4b. Simply uninstall your current CMS IntelliCAD PE Cloud desktop shortcut, reboot your system, then sign in to and follow the instructions. Get details >>

Not using CMS IntelliCAD in the cloud yet? Check out the free trial! Get details >> 

CMS IntelliCAD PE Cloud streams and runs locally on any 64-bit Windows system without performance degradation or the need for special browsers. And all of the features found in CMS IntelliCAD are available in the cloud-based version delivered by CAD-Manufacturing Systems, a member of the ITC.

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Cloud-Based CMS IntelliCAD 8.4 Released

cms intellicad 8_4 cloud.jpg

Ready for working with 2D and 3D CAD in the cloud? Cloud-based CMS IntelliCAD 8.4 Premium Edition was just released by CAD-Manufacturing Systems. Based on the IntelliCAD 8.4 engine, cloud-based CMS IntelliCAD 8.4 Premium Edition streams and runs locally on any 64-bit Windows system without performance degradation or the need for special browsers. And all of the features found in CMS IntelliCAD 8.4 are available in the cloud-based version. 

See more details and download a free trial at the CMS blog.


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CMS Delivers New Release of ETOOLBOX Mobile CAD Viewer Website

cms mobile.jpg

CAD-MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS, INC. (CMS), member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, announced this fall that it released a new version of its ETOOLBOX Mobile CAD Viewer website. ETOOLBOX Mobile CAD Viewer works with Android phones and tablets to view .dwg, .dxf, and .dwf files that are stored either on the mobile device or in the cloud. 

For more information about the new release, visit

To see how CMS benefits from ITC membership, visit


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ITC Member CMS Streaming CMS IntelliCAD 8

CAD Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (CMS), member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, announced the release of CMS IntelliCAD 8 Premium streaming from the cloud. CMS users can now run CMS IntelliCAD 8 directly from their Internet browsers.

For more information, visit

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IntelliCAD Technology Consortium Announces IntelliCAD® 8 in the Cloud

Portland, OR, USA, June 30, 2014 — The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) today announced IntelliCAD 8.0 operating in the cloud.

Made available last week, thousands of users have been sampling IntelliCAD in the cloud using a local web browser with no installation or registration required. 

IntelliCAD 8.0 is the most recent CAD development platform delivered by the ITC to its members. It contains over 1,200 new features and fixes that include interoperability with the latest version of .dwg files, version 2014.

By using Mainframe2 technology, IntelliCAD can be run on a local computer without needing expensive hardware. Mainframe2 is designed to run any software application in the cloud with minimal internal development.

Robert Berry, Business Development Director of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium said, “The Mainframe2 technology is an exciting new method of software delivery that allows us to run IntelliCAD across any platform including Macintosh and Linux. With the launch of the new IntelliCAD 8 via the cloud we have been able to let thousands of people immediately experience the power of this terrific software without the complication of installation or even registration.”

David Lorenzo, Development Director of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium said, “Our members were stunned to see IntelliCAD running in a browser. Mainframe2 is a real game-changer for us. With very little work we have managed to supply our members with the cloud solution that they can use today.”

“IntelliCAD running in the cloud is a great example of how powerful, sophisticated solutions will be delivered in the future,” said Dr. Nikola Bozinovic, founder and CEO of Mainframe2. “Our cloud platform gives software vendors everything they need to instantly reach millions of users on all devices without having to modify their product. It's an amazing opportunity for ITC members to shape the future of CAD.”

You can try IntelliCAD in the cloud for a limited time by simply clicking the following link:

Interested IntelliCAD users and companies can contact the ITC directly for information about IntelliCAD and membership in the ITC. For more information about IntelliCAD and the ITC, including case studies, please visit

About Mainframe2

A key innovator in cloud-computing and browser-based application distribution, Mainframe2 emerged in October 2013 from several years in stealth mode with a unique solution that enables any software package to be delivered via the cloud to a browser on any device. For more information, visit

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The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium is an independent, non-profit organization funded and directed by its members specifically for the development of the IntelliCAD technology. The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium licenses the IntelliCAD technology to its commercial members, who in turn market and sell applications based on IntelliCAD to their end users. Commercial members have access to the IntelliCAD source code, documentation, developer support, and more. The ITC is also a founding member of the Open Design Alliance, thereby contributing to interoperability in the engineering industry.

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