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PriMus-CAD Released

PriMus-CAD is the professional 2D/3D CAD system for drawing with the full power of a CAD system and obtaining a detailed Bill of Quantities of the project. The BoQ can be generated from a .dwg file created with PriMus-CAD, from a pre-existing .dwg or .dxf file, or from a raster image (.tif, .jpg, etc.).

PriMus-CAD is based on IntelliCAD 7 technology.

CAD Features

  • Work with 2D and 3D .dwg file drawings
  • Draw common drawing entities easily by using the classic 2D and 3D CAD commands (for example: lines, polylines, arcs, circles, blocks, hatches, splines, 3D poylines, meshes, face, 3D face solids)
  • Use the same interface and keyboard commands as other well-known professional CAD solutions
  • Save native .dwg files that can be opened and managed by other CAD solutions
  • Save and open files of Autodesk® AutoCAD® DWG™ format (release 11/12 to release 2010) and DXF format (release 2.5 to release 2010)
  • Open .dwg files created and saved with AutoCAD 2012
  • Complete compatibility with AutoCAD commands “line”, “menu” (.mnu) and script files (.scr), hatches, fonts, and true type fonts
  • Manage complex linetypes
  • Multiline text
  • Audit features Check and Recover
  • Visual customization of menus and toolbars
  • Image reading of BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF formats from within the .dwg file
  • Export to WMF, EMF and SLD (slides) file format
  • Simultaneous management and editing of multiple drawings
  • Layouts, blocks, linetypes, etc. exploration and management (also across multiple drawings)
  • Raster image management

Bill of Quantity features are active for project files created with PriMus-CAD and .dwg drawing files created with other CAD systems.

Bill of Quantity Features

With PriMus-CAD, each entity (line, polyline...) can represent a measurable entity.
The graphical entity can represent different meanings in relation to the kind of detail or project that the designer is drawing (architectural, road, drainage, etc.); for example, a line can even stand for various types of walls, pavements, roads, drainage, etc.

For each of these drawn entities, the CAD system is capable of returning automatically all metric data used for dynamically obtaining the Bill of Quantities, completely integrated within the program interface.

PriMus-CAD is equipped with advanced filters that allow the user to verify the correct correspondences between the drawing entities (lines, arcs, etc.) and the BoQ.

Furthermore, with PriMus-CAD it is also possible to check the correspondence between the drawn entity and the measurement rows contained with the BoQ; by selecting the measurement row in the BoQ section, the corresponding graphical entity is also selected in the drawing. Any editing of the drawing causes a dynamic updating of the Bill of Quantities. The obtained BoQ can then be saved in the DCF format and managed with PriMus, PriMus-P or PriMus-DCF.

All of the information contained in the drawing (drawing entities and Quantity data) is saved within a single .dwg file. The .dwg file, generated in such manner, can then be managed with any other software compatible with the DWG format; only if opened with PriMus-CAD can the Bill of Quantities information be managed and viewed.

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