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Block Libraries Launched for ActCAD 2017 and 2018


ActCAD's new Block Libraries technology includes more than 5,000 block symbols for civil, mechanical, electrical, architectural, and P&ID industries, and more. ActCAD users can now simply paste their drawing files into a BlockLibrary folder, and the new Block Libraries tool recognizes them immediately on command restart.

Developers at ActCAD used IRX — the C++ API available with IntelliCAD for developing IntelliCAD-specific functionality — to develop their new block technology. ActCAD developers were able to work with IntelliCAD developers when technical questions arose yet another benefit of ITC membership.Programming Overview of Teigha

The new ActCAD Block Libraries are available for ActCAD 2017 and 2018, Professional and Standard versions. 

For a video and more information about ActCAD Block Libraries, see

For more information about ITC membership, see

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IntelliCAD User Guides Available for Download and Print

IntelliCAD book cover.jpgInterested in an ITC membership and want to learn more about how your customers can use IntelliCAD? Order a print or download version of the IntelliCAD user guide to see how IntelliCAD users draw in 2D and 3D, view drawings, dimension entities, work with layers, insert blocks and external references, add custom programs, and everything else you expect from a CAD program.

The guides are available for a small fee: $5.00 for a PDF download and $40.00 for a print copy.

  • For the most recent IntelliCAD 8.3 user guides, go here.
  • For all available IntelliCAD user guide versions, go here.

Of course ITC members receive source files and output for the IntelliCAD user guides and other documentation as part of their ITC membership.

Questions? Contact the ITC.


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See FRAMECAD at the Buildexpo Kenya Tradeshow


Headed to the Buildexpo Kenya Tradeshow this month? April 20th to 22nd, stop by and see FRAMECAD in action at Stand B129 in the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. 

There you'll also see IntelliCAD in action; the IntelliCAD engine is the base for the FRAMECAD system, which is an end-to-end design and build system used for rapid construction of buildings for businesses, governments, and communities worldwide. 

For more details about FRAMECAD at the tradeshow, see the FrameCAD Blog.

For more details about how FRAMECAD and IntelliCAD fit together, see the Case Study.

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Updated ActCAD 2018 Versions Released


One week was all it took for ITC member ActCAD LLC to incorporate the latest IntelliCAD engine (version 8.3a) to its ActCAD 2018 product line. ActCAD 2018 (version 8.3.630) is now available for all available versions: Professional and Standard, and 64-bit and 32-bit.

ActCAD 2018 is general purpose CAD software designed for civil, mechanical, architectural, electrical, structural, interior and exterior design consultants. The updated release includes performance improvements, fixes for natively working with .dgn files, printing fixes, editing fixes, and enhancements to the new in-place multiline text editor that was released last year, including paragraph alignment, symbols, alt-codes, stacked text, numbered lists, and unnumbered lists.

For more details, see the ActCAD blog and the ActCAD features page.


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FRAMECAD Structure 8.1.8 Released


FRAMECAD Structure 8.1.8 includes new features and the latest in design code compatibility: a new wind pressure input option (in addition to the current wind speed option), viewing structure designs in an enhanced 3D mode using VRML export, truss model export now includes an SAP2000 model, and more.

For more release details, see the FRAMECAD Blog and the product page.

Based on IntelliCAD, FRAMECAD Structure is a detailing and design package for computer-aided engineering and BIM.

For more details about how FRAMECAD benefits from ITC membership, see the Case Study.


progeCAD Rates as a 2017 Best Construction Software Pick


Earlier this year, the GenieBelt blog announced their top picks for construction software. In the Design category, progeCAD—based on IntelliCAD and developed by ITC member ProgeSOFT—ranks as one of the 2017 Best Construction Software choices. 

ProgeSOFT further summarized that progeCAD is built to "help professionals in the construction industry in drawing and design of building projects as well as in technical documentation management, not forgetting significant improvements in collaboration with both team members and external clients."

For more details, see the ProgeCAD news and

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IntelliCAD Technology Consortium Announces Release of IntelliCAD® 8.3a

IntelliCAD 8.3a.jpg

Portland, OR, USA, April 3, 2017 — The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) announced the release of IntelliCAD 8.3a.

IntelliCAD 8.3a is a maintenance release that contains close to 300 improvements and fixes since the IntelliCAD 8.3 release on December 28, 2016.

IntelliCAD 8.3a includes performance improvements, fixes for natively working with .dgn files, printing fixes, editing fixes, and more. Also included are enhancements to the new in-place multiline text editor that was released last year, including paragraph alignment, symbols, alt-codes, stacked text, numbered lists, and unnumbered lists.

Interested IntelliCAD users can contact ITC members to receive details about availability of IntelliCAD software.

Companies interested in more details about IntelliCAD and membership in the ITC should contact the ITC directly. For more information about IntelliCAD and the ITC, including case studies, please visit

About the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium is an independent, non-profit organization funded and directed by its members specifically for the development of the IntelliCAD technology. The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium licenses the IntelliCAD technology to its commercial members, who in turn market and sell applications based on IntelliCAD to their end users. Commercial members have access to the IntelliCAD source code, documentation, developer support, and more. The ITC is also a founding member of the Open Design Alliance, thereby contributing to interoperability in the engineering industry.

For additional ITC news and information, visit the company web site ( or call 1-503-293-7655.

IntelliCAD is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium.


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