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The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium Announces IntelliCAD® 10.1a

IntelliCAD 10.1aThe IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) today announced the release of IntelliCAD 10.1a.

IntelliCAD 10.1a is a maintenance release for version 10.1 that was previously issued on August 17, 2021.

IntelliCAD maintenance releases concentrate on fixes, but IntelliCAD 10.1a also contains these new features: import Microsoft® Excel® files; new capabilities when working with tables including data links, formulas, and cell formats; synchronize block attributes; and nudge entities using keyboard shortcuts. Many improvements are also found in the areas of publishing and sheet sets.

For IntelliCAD versions that work with Spatial ACIS solids, create planar surfaces and convert entities to NURBS surfaces.

David Lorenzo, ITC President, stated, “CAD users are appreciating the fast performance of IntelliCAD 10.1 which was released a few months ago, and IntelliCAD 10.1a continues with the new speed benchmarks while incorporating feedback received from our members. Here at the ITC, our members come first. ITC members task us with what their unique markets require, and we work to deliver it.”

IntelliCAD 10.1a is supported on Microsoft® Windows® 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 64-bit versions. IntelliCAD Mobile Viewer versions are available for Windows desktop, Google® Android™, Apple® macOS® and iOS.

Interested IntelliCAD users can contact ITC members to receive details about availability of IntelliCAD software.

Companies interested in more details about IntelliCAD and membership in the ITC should contact the ITC directly. For information about IntelliCAD 10.1, please visit For more information about IntelliCAD and the ITC, including case studies, please visit

About the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium is an independent, non-profit organization funded and directed by its members specifically for the development of the IntelliCAD technology. The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium licenses the IntelliCAD technology to its commercial members, who in turn market and sell applications based on IntelliCAD to their end users. Commercial members have access to the IntelliCAD source code, documentation, developer support, and more. The ITC is also a founding member of the Open Design Alliance, thereby contributing to interoperability in the engineering industry.

For additional ITC news and information, visit the company website ( or call 1-503-293-7655.

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Now Available: INTERsoft-IntelliCAD 2022 from ArCADiasoft

arcadiasoft_intersoft-intellicad2ArCADiasoft's INTERsoft-IntelliCAD 2022 is software for creating 2D and 3D technical .dwg drawings. The new version includes all the features of the IntelliCAD 10.1 engine, including working with sheet sets, tables, 3Dconnexion devices, Autodesk® Revit® 2021 files, and much more.

INTERsoft-IntelliCAD is CAD software based on IntelliCAD. For details about IntelliCAD's native .dwg support and development platform, go here. To learn about how ArCADiasoft and the ITC work together, see the success story.

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New 3D HVAC Available for ALCAD

ALCAD Piping

ALCAD's 3D HVAC/Plant plugins include Piping, Ventilation and Drain Pipes. 3D modelling is as fast as 2D modelling, and an entire network can be created in 3D with just a few clicks. 

ALCAD 2021 includes HVAC/Plant 3D (Piping 3D, Drain-Pipes 3D, Ventilation 3D), 3D Architecture, all HVAC 2D, BIM Import, and more. It is available with OEM IntelliCAD licensing from ITC member, CMS. To learn more about CMS, go here. To learn more about the IntelliCAD platform and OEM opportunities, go here.

ALCAD Ventilation

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ODA Summit 2021 Replays Available

oda logoDid you miss the ODA conference that aired this fall? Do you want to re-watch the topics most relevant to your business? ODA Summit 2021 highlighted ODA's interoperability for CAD and BIM, presented what's beyond ODA data interoperability, showcased how their members are using ODA technology, and included a panel discussion about Scan-to-BIM.

The replays are available here:

The ITC is a founding member of the ODA. You can read about the ITC and ODA working together at the ODA Member Showcase.


ZWCAD 2022 SP 1 Available for Download

ZWCAD 2022 SP1

ZWCAD 2022 SP1 is available for download, and it includes a new ArcGIS module and improved stability.

ZWCAD is developed by ZWSOFT and is a .dwg-compatible CAD solution with a familiar CAD interface and easy-to-use commands. ZWSOFT has been an ITC member since 2002, and its products are used by over 900,000 users from more than 90 countries and districts.


CMS IntelliCAD 10.1 is Here

CMS Intellicad10.1

CMS IntelliCAD 10.1 is available now and includes all the new features found in the IntelliCAD 10.1 engine plus custom integration with 3Dconnexion input devices. 

"CMS IntelliCAD 10.1 results purely from development determination to achieve better product performance, reliability and specific productive tools requested by end users." -Vitor Neves, President of CMS, INC.

Get the news from CMS >>

Interested in trying it out? CMS IntelliCAD is available free for 60 days at It can be purchased as perpetual standalone seats, USB dongle seats, network floating seats, or renewable subscriptions.

CMS IntelliCAD 10.1 is based on the IntelliCAD 10.1 engine and has native .dwg file compatibility. For details about IntelliCAD's native .dwg support and development platform, go here

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Save the Date: Carlson Software User Conference 2022

Carlson Go West 2022 Save the Date

Carlson Software has announced that their in-person user conference will be back in 2022! Save the date for April 4-6, 2022 in Denver, Colorado. The Carlson user conference typically offers many educational sessions that cover a variety of industries, products, and workflows.

Carlson Software delivers a suite of products, several of which include IntelliCAD. To find out how Carlson Software and the ITC work together, see the success story. To learn how IntelliCAD helps developers and their products use .dwg seamlessly, go here.

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4M FineSANI Highlighted in AEC Magazine

4M JazanFineSANI

AEC Magazine describes why 4M FineSANI is the tool of choice for designing water supply and sewage systems in the new Jazan Economic City (JEC) in Saudi Arabia. 

FineSANI is integrated BIM software for sanitary design. It generates calculations directly from your drawings and then creates final drawings (plan views, panel diagrams, details) and the full case study documentation along with the bill of materials and costs.

4M is a member of the ITC and develops CAD and BIM software for architecture, engineering, and construction. To find out more about 4M's success with IntelliCAD, check out the success story and more about IntelliCAD's BIM technology here.

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New Updates Available for FRAMECAD Structure and Revlink

FRAMECAD Structure 9.2.4

FRAMECAD® Structure 9.2.4 and FRAMECAD Revlink® 1.5.2 are available now. New features in FRAMECAD Structure include dynamic sizing for openings, point loading of girder trusses, and IFC export enhancements. FRAMECAD Revlink new features range from a new Set Panel Edge tool to label enhancements.

Get the FRAMECAD news >> 

FRAMECAD Structure is based on the IntelliCAD engine and includes IntelliCAD's BIM technology. It is worldwide-compliant engineering software for cold-formed steel construction. To learn how FRAMECAD benefits from collaboration with the ITC, see the success story.

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IntelliCAD 10.1 User Guides Available for Download and Print

IntelliCAD book cover.jpgDevelopers who are taking an initial look at various CAD platforms can find it helpful to see user interfaces and what they're capable of. One option for finding out more about IntelliCAD is to take a look at the Using IntelliCAD guide available at

Using IntelliCAD describes how to use IntelliCAD to draw in 2D and 3D, view drawings, dimension entities, work with layers, insert blocks and external references, add custom programs, and everything else you expect from a CAD program.

The guides are available for a small fee. Note that if you're purchasing a printed copy, you need to purchase both Volume 1 and Volume 2 to complete the book.

  • For the IntelliCAD 10.1 Professional version, go here.
  • For the IntelliCAD 10.1 Standard version, go here.

Of course ITC members receive source files and output for the IntelliCAD user guides and other documentation as part of their ITC membership. If you're an end user looking for IntelliCAD documentation, contact the ITC member where you purchased IntelliCAD.

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