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ZWCAD 2021 SP 1 Available for Download

zwcad 2021 SP1

ZWCAD 2021 SP1 is available for download now and includes new features such as aligning multileaders, enhanced grip editing of groups, shaded printing, and more.

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ZWCAD is developed by ZWSOFT and is a .dwg-compatible CAD solution with a familiar CAD interface and easy-to-use commands. ZWSOFT has been an ITC member since 2002, and their products are used by over 900,000 users from more than 90 countries and districts; see the success story.

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Get Points from TXT and CSV Files using CMS IntelliCAD

CMS IntelliCAD Points

Got points? A free add-on for CMS IntelliCAD is now available that imports points from TXT and CSV files. Simply import the file that contains the points to connect the points with polylines or splines.

CMS IntelliCAD is designed for architects, engineers, designers and anyone who wants a fast, efficient, and powerful CAD program on their desktop or in the cloud. CMS IntelliCAD is based on the IntelliCAD platform; to see how CMS and the ITC work together, see the success story

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Season's Greetings from the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Seasons Greetings ITC


Latest Maintenance Release Available for ActCAD 2021

actcad-2021-professionalTo get the new ActCAD 2021 maintenance release, ActCAD users can upgrade to the latest version 101484 using the ActCAD command CHECKFORUPDATES. The new maintenance version is available for ActCAD 2021 BIM, Professional, and Standard versions.

The latest ActCAD version is also available directly from the ActCAD website in the downloads area.

Available in 64- and 32-bit, ActCAD is a native .dwg and .dxf CAD software program used for 2D drafting and 3D modeling. ActCAD is based on the IntelliCAD engine.

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Spotlight on CAD Projekt K&A


CAD Projekt K&A develops CAD software for interior designers, architects, and furniture and ceramic tile manufacturers and distributors. Their software product line covers a range of design possibilities for a variety of users and includes products such as CAD Decor Pro, CAD Decor, CAD Kitchens, Render PRO, and many more specialty applications.

To see what CAD Projekt K&A is up to lately, including their take on design trends, get their news.

To learn more about their product line, go here.

CAD Projekt K&A is a member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium. Many of their products are based on the IntelliCAD engine. To learn more about how they benefit from ITC membership and why they switched to IntelliCAD from a different platform, see the success story.

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ZWCAD Mechanical 2021 Available


ZWCAD Mechanical 2021 is available now! The new release includes additional ways to create single holes, an easier-to-use parts library, updated APIs, and all the new features that are already available in ZWCAD 2021. 

ZWCAD Mechanical is developed by ZWSOFT and is a mechanical 2D sheet drafting tool based on the .dwg-compatible CAD software ZWCAD. ZWSOFT has been an ITC member since 2002, and their products are used by over 900,000 users from more than 90 countries and districts; see the success story.

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MicroSurvey CAD 2021 Released


MicroSurvey CAD 2021 is available now and spotlights new features such as exporting shapefiles and using attribute tables, adding points to objects automatically, importing .las, .e57, and .pts point cloud files, and also includes all the new features found in the IntelliCAD 10 engine.

MicroSurvey CAD is an all-in-one CAD and calculations package with survey drafting and calculation workflows for land surveyors and civil engineers. It is offered by long-time ITC member, MicroSurvey, a part of Hexagon. To see how MicroSurvey benefits from ITC membership, see the success story.

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CADdirect 2022 Released by BackToCAD


Newly released by BackToCAD: CADdirect 2022 and CADdirect 2022 PRO 3D. CADdirect is a native .dwg file creator and editor that includes a familiar user interface with menus, tool palettes, fonts, and styles, and also PDF import with Raster 2 Vector and OCR, 2D and 3D PDF publishing, and more.

CADdirect PRO 3D additionally includes 3D ACIS solid support and the ability to work with STEP, IGES, SAT, and B-Rep models

Back2CAD CADdirect

BackToCAD's CADdirect is available with a permanent license in English, German, Spanish, and Korean versions.

CADdirect 2022 is based on the IntelliCAD 10.0 engine. To learn more about IntelliCAD, go here.

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Watch FRAMECAD in Action: Cutting Build Time by 75%


FRAMECAD was used by Douglass Colony to help construct a 90-unit apartment complex in Jackson, Wyoming, US. In just four months, Douglass Colony designed, produced, and installed the trusses and panels for all four floors of the apartment complex.

Thanks to FRAMECAD, the steel framing was completed in a quarter of the time it would take for traditional framing.

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FRAMECAD uses IntelliCAD in its end-to-end steel frame design and manufacturing system for rapid construction of buildings. To learn how FRAMECAD benefits from ITC membership, read the success story.

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3D CAD WORLD Publishes "Buying into the CAD consortium"

3dcadworld-logoFor anyone looking into CAD platforms for software development and business partnerships, this 3D CAD WORLD article is a must-read: Buying into the CAD consortium.

The in-depth article describes what it means to be a part of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium and details some of the many places you can find the IntelliCAD engine throughout the CAD industry. They sum up several points succinctly, for example:

Essentially, IntelliCAD is a CAD package run by committee."
—Jean Thilmany, Senior Editor at 3D CAD World

3D CAD WORLD aims to keep engineers informed with articles about 3D CAD software and CAD engineering. To subscribe to 3D CAD WORLD's newsletter, go here.

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