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CMS Publishes QuoteCAD API E-book


With the latest release of CMS QuoteCAD® Manufacturing software comes the publishing of a companion e-book for third-party developers working with the QuoteCAD API. QuoteCAD, which integrates with IntelliCAD, is extendable using Microsoft® .NET, taking advantage of QuoteCAD's extensive methods of communication between its various software components.

"Develop QuoteCAD Manufacturing Plugins" is available from Amazon at (free for Amazon KindleUnlimited users).

For more details about the QuoteCAD product, see the product page.

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Get the FRAMECAD E-book about Trending Construction Methods


FRAMECAD Ltd. recently released a new ebook, The Future of Construction – The Case for Building with Cold Formed Steel, which describes the benefits and trends of Light Gauge Steel, or Cold Formed Steel, construction.

FRAMECAD Ltd. is an ITC member that develops FRAMECAD — a rapid steel framing design and build system based on IntelliCAD. 

For more details and to get the free ebook, see


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