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ActCAD 2023 Product Suite Released


ActCAD 2023 Prime, Professional, and Standard versions are newly released! Available with all the features and improvements found in the IntelliCAD 11.0 engine, the new version includes section planes, 3D walk and fly, view cube tool, and view and visual style controls. Other new features include the 3D Positioner command; isolating, hiding, and unisolating entities; and displaying selected entities with a glowing highlight effect. And more.

With products from the ActCAD suite, you can natively create and edit .dwg files for 2D drafting, 3D modeling, and BIM (Building Information Modeling). ActCAD includes global perpetual licenses and has several licensing options.

ActCAD includes several changes to IntelliCAD source code to match its requirements, which is not possible with any other OEM CAD engine. To learn more about OEM options using the IntelliCAD engine, go here. To learn about how ActCAD benefits from membership in the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, see the success story.


Find FRAMECAD at Tradeshows this Fall

framecad process


FRAMECAD will be in-person at tradeshows this fall in France, Mexico, the UK, and the US. Headed to one of the following events? Check out how FRAMECAD uses IntelliCAD in its design and build systems for cold-formed steel construction.

Paris, France at BATIMAT
October 3-6, 2022
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Birmingham, England UK at UK Construction Week
October 4-6, 2022
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Phoenix, Arizona US at Techome Summit Builder
October 4-6, 2022
Indianapolis, Indiana US at METALCON

October 12-14, 2022
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Mexico City, Mexico at Expo CIHAC
October 12-14, 2022
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FRAMECAD uses IntelliCAD in its end-to-end steel frame design and manufacturing system for rapid construction of buildings. To learn how FRAMECAD benefits from ITC membership, read the success story. To find out more about IntelliCAD's BIM technology, go here.

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IntelliCAD 11.0 User Guides Available for Download and Print

IntelliCAD book cover.jpgIf you're investigating CAD platforms, you might find it helpful to take a look at the Using IntelliCAD guide which is available at in ebook and printed formats.

Using IntelliCAD describes how to use IntelliCAD to draw in 2D and 3D, view drawings, dimension entities, work with layers, insert blocks and external references, add custom programs, and everything else you expect from a CAD program.

The guides are available for a small fee. Note that if you're purchasing a printed copy, you need to purchase both Volume 1 and Volume 2 to complete the book.

  • For the IntelliCAD 11.0 Professional version, go here.
  • For the IntelliCAD 11.0 Standard version, go here.

Of course ITC members receive source files and output for the IntelliCAD user guides and other documentation as part of their ITC membership. If you're an end user looking for IntelliCAD documentation, contact the ITC member where you purchased IntelliCAD.

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