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What do IntelliCAD and Cold Formed Steel have in Common?


Answer: FRAMECAD. ITC member FRAMECAD uses IntelliCAD in its end-to-end design and build system of cold formed steel used for rapid construction of buildings.

To learn what you can do with cold formed steel and FRAMECAD:

  • Software Training in Atlanta, Georgia USA
    Two sessions during February 2018
    Get Details >>
  • Hyatt Place Westminster in Colorado USA
    Constructed in 17 Days
    Watch the Video >> (article in Spanish)

To learn how FRAMECAD benefits from the IntelliCAD engine:

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ITC Entrepreneurs take the Stage

iw2017members.pngEntrepreneurial solutions from entrepreneurs. It was the morning of the last day at IntelliCAD World when four ITC members presented their IntelliCAD solutions and highlights of why they were members of the consortium. 

David Carlson, Carlson Software

Carlson Software has been in the CAD business since the 80s and delivers products in the civil, mining, GIS, construction, survey, data collection, and machine control markets. In Auckland, we saw a demo of working with 3D contours: overburden, elevations, fence diagrams, ground, strata.

When Carlson joined the ITC in 2007, in under a year they released their same software that ran with Autodesk® AutoCAD® to run with IntelliCAD too. Now Carlson's products come with IntelliCAD built-in at no extra cost, and users decide whether to purchase a seat of AutoCAD. The ability to choose matters.

We also learned that Carlson is a big contributor to LandXML, where they contributed a free 3D LandXML viewer and upgrade tools. LandXML is an open data standard used within the land development industry. Open standards also matter.

Go Carlson Software >>

Bill Wright, Wrightsoft

Wrightsoft has also been in the CAD business since the 80s when it started out with no venture capital. Seeing a need back then for better heating, ventilation, and air conditioning design, they continue to deliver HVAC planning, design, sales, and installation software for the desktop and now for tablet and mobile.

Wrightsoft has solutions based on their own CAD editor and another line that's based on IntelliCAD, which we saw in action: load meters, diameters and sizes, data extraction, and automatic calculations on-the-go when you change anything in a room or building.

And then there's BIM. With Wrightsoft and IntelliCAD, you can auto-trace a BIM .rvt file to automatically generate smart objects and make calculations. It's a great example of what members are doing with the beta version libraries for reading and writing BIM .rvt files.

Wrightsoft has also changed the way HVAC gets done. They were an original partner with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) to define HVAC standards that continue to be used today. Market disruption matters. Standards matter. 

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Brian Sloman, MicroSurvey 

MicroSurvey has been in business for 30 years. They joined the ITC in 2005 and ported their code base to IntelliCAD 6. They build vertical solutions on top of IntelliCAD for survey design and mapping, mining, and the public safety sector. 

At IntelliCAD World we saw a demo of IMS Map360 that runs with IntelliCAD. It can import data from manual measurements (think tape measures which are still very common), survey equipment, laser scanners, terrestrial (tripods), and cameras mounted on vehicles, drones, and backpacks. Output includes sketches and reports that are often used during court hearings to prove facts. There's heavy use of point clouds (even animated), architectural objects, trajectory rods (cones of uncertainty), and Trimble SketchUp symbols

With all of this technology, the design for public safety products has to be simple and easy to use. Their end-users aren't CAD from the CAD world and shouldn't need to be in order to get all the precision of CAD. Good design matters.

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Mark Taylor, FRAMECAD

FRAMECAD has been in business since 1987 and joined the ITC in 2011. They develop the FRAMECAD System — software and hardware that designs and builds efficient, strong, and durable steel framed buildings.

A few days before at the start of the conference, we were at the FRAMECAD site to see a live demo of the IntelliCAD-based software at work. And then the machine was at work, taking in steel and outputting braces for a wall, all within a couple of minutes.

Back at the conference, we learned that BIM is really important for FRAMECAD moving forward: reading in drawings that contain all the data they need in a "fast, easy, friendly" way. But it's more than that: BIM has the power to move from planning and drawing in a silo to planning and drawing in collaboration. And collaboration is key from the FRAMECAD perspective to build faster and with fewer mistakes when all the various players show up to the construction site. Collaboration matters. 


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Accomplishing Extraordinary Things

NZ Slide 2.jpg

Welcome to Auckland, New Zealand, home to IntelliCAD World 2017 and our hosts FRAMECAD. It's Day 1, and ITC and member developers met one-on-one to discuss questions, exchange ideas, and solve issues. There was a buzz coming from small groups where you could catch words like rendering, mobile, BIM, regression testing, customize, source control, and of course a lot more.

In the afternoon we traveled to the FRAMECAD offices and factory for a demo of their rapid steel framing system. Entering the building, we were greeted by an overhead photograph of New Zealand's own Edmund Hillary and inspiring words.


With IntelliCAD, ITC members are accomplishing extraordinary things. And we're about to find out more in the next two days. Stay tuned.

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FRAMECAD Announces Training Sessions in Dubai

FRAMECAD EDM banner.png

October is the month for FRAMECAD training in Dubai, UAE. Join them in one or all of three sessions to learn basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques for using FRAMECAD Structure and Detailer to build steel gauge buildings.

FRAMECAD software is based on the IntelliCAD engine.

More training details >>

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See FRAMECAD this Fall


Coming to a city near you is FRAMECAD, a rapid steel framing design and build system based on IntelliCAD. Check out what the IntelliCAD engine can power at one of these expos:

For details about how FRAMECAD and IntelliCAD work together, check out the Success Story.

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IntelliCAD in the Real-World: Cold Formed Steel Buildings


Start with IntelliCAD. Combine with FRAMECAD. Secure some cold formed steel and a construction site. What do you get? Watch the construction from start to finish on the FRAMECAD Blog

FRAMECAD Structure is an end-to-end design and build system used for rapid construction of buildings. To learn how FRAMECAD Structure benefits from the IntelliCAD engine, see the Case Study.

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FRAMECAD at Tradeshow Congreso Internacional de la Construcción con Acero


If you’re headed to the upcoming construction tradeshow in Bogotá, Cuba, June 21-23, stop by and check out FRAMECAD and IntelliCAD. FRAMECAD is a rapid steel framing design and build system based on IntelliCAD.

For more details about FRAMECAD at the tradeshow, see here (in Spanish).


See FRAMECAD at IndoBuildTech Tradeshow in Indonesia


Headed to the IndoBuildTech Tradeshow this week, May 17th to 21st? Stop by and see IntelliCAD in action. IntelliCAD is the base for the FRAMECAD system, which will be presented at Stand 7-M-6 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE).

For more details about FRAMECAD at the tradeshow, see the FrameCAD Blog.

For more details about how FRAMECAD and IntelliCAD fit together, see the Case Study.

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See FRAMECAD at the Buildexpo Kenya Tradeshow


Headed to the Buildexpo Kenya Tradeshow this month? April 20th to 22nd, stop by and see FRAMECAD in action at Stand B129 in the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. 

There you'll also see IntelliCAD in action; the IntelliCAD engine is the base for the FRAMECAD system, which is an end-to-end design and build system used for rapid construction of buildings for businesses, governments, and communities worldwide. 

For more details about FRAMECAD at the tradeshow, see the FrameCAD Blog.

For more details about how FRAMECAD and IntelliCAD fit together, see the Case Study.

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FRAMECAD Structure 8.1.8 Released


FRAMECAD Structure 8.1.8 includes new features and the latest in design code compatibility: a new wind pressure input option (in addition to the current wind speed option), viewing structure designs in an enhanced 3D mode using VRML export, truss model export now includes an SAP2000 model, and more.

For more release details, see the FRAMECAD Blog and the product page.

Based on IntelliCAD, FRAMECAD Structure is a detailing and design package for computer-aided engineering and BIM.

For more details about how FRAMECAD benefits from ITC membership, see the Case Study.